8DAYS rating. Xbox One.



  • The pixel graphics work very well. There is an amazing amount of detail put in, and it’s definitely a homage to retro-gaming.
  • The story is very well done. It was a nice surprise to have a decent story. The premise is especially well done.
  • There is an abundance of different weapons and enemies. Each one has enough difference to matter, which is great.
  • 8DAYS boasts a local multiplayer option, which is always good. Plenty of fun is to be had here.


  • I can’t tell you how many times I died to a cheap death. At times it feels very frustrating and unfair.
  • The shooting accuracy doesn’t feel right. Even when I perfectly lined up a target it missed, it just feels off.
  • The checkpoint-system is dreadful. I must have played a certain section about 20 times. A regular checkpoint would have helped and kept me motivated to continue.

Final Thoughts:

All in all what you get with 8DAYS is a challenging game, that is incredibly fun when played in local co-op. The game is an absolute pleasure to look at and gives you wonderful memories of the past. It may look like a retro game, but it adds enough in the way of new ideas to make it fresh and modern. The biggest problem with 8DAYS is the pure frustration you will no doubt experience. The checkpoint-system and level design will have you pulling your hair out. The shooting accuracy is also a problem, and that’s the last thing you need considering how difficult it can become. I recommend you play the game in co-op as it becomes a lot easier and a lot more fun. If you are looking for a serious challenge then look no further than 8DAYS. Casual gamers will not find much enjoyment here, but fans of this particular genre should definitely check it out.

I rate 8DAYS 6.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Santa Clara Games 

Publisher: BadLand Games 

Genre: Action 

Release Date (Xbox One): February 7, 2017

Price: £7.998days-rev-3

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