The Surge rating. Xbox One.



  • The combat is absolutely excellent. It’s challenging from the get go, but it never gets you frustrated as it just remains fun throughout.
  • The story is interesting and feels unique from anything I have played before. If you pay close attention to it the story is even better.
  • The customisation and crafting works really well in the game. They have done a very good job of making what you choose have a real effect on your playthrough.
  • The game is very accessible to every gamer. Whether your new to the genre or a veteran of the genre, The Surge manages to cover you. 
  • The visuals and animations are really well done. The art style has lots of detail and the animations add something to the gameplay.
  • I was really impressed with the map design, in fact I was impressed with the world overall. 


  • The game could have done with a bigger variety of enemies for you to tackle.
  • I did have problems with the camera from time to time. I found I had the most problems when in enclosed areas.


Final Thoughts:

All in all The Surge really surprised me, and it surprised me in a very good way. Many people will liken the game to the Dark Souls series, but The Surge has done more than enough here to stand right next to the Dark Souls series. The main reason for this is because of the excellent and fluid combat. The combat is absolutely fantastic and it carries with it lots of fun, which in turn gets you addicted, I just wish there were more enemies for you to defeat. The customisation and crafting plays a big role in making the combat so good. They offer you a big variety of options and the options you choose actually matter in the long run. I was very intrigued by the story being told in The Surge, and thankfully it remains intriguing throughout. The story made the world you play in come to life and the map design is excellently crafted. The presentation side of the game definitely adds something to the gameplay. Visually the game looks great and the animations can be stunning at times, the soundtrack and voice work also does a good job of enhancing things. At the end of the day The Surge could be one of the biggest surprises of the year. It’s a game that is truly enjoyable from the get go, and I fully recommend you give it a try. I hope that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this series. 

I rate The Surge 8.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Deck13 Interactive 

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive 

Genre: Action RPG 

Release Date (Xbox One): May 16, 2017

Price: £49.99surge-4


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