Shadow Warrior 2 rating. Xbox One.



  • I was very impressed with the weapons that are on offer here. They feel great and there is quite a lot of variation, which keeps things fresh.
  • The combat is brilliant and feels great. It’s speedy and violent and it remains like that through your whole playthrough.
  • What the game does well is that it encourages exploration. The environments are pretty big and The level design is perfect.
  • I found the four player co-op to be extremely fun. It can at times be total chaos on the screen, and it fits the style of the game very well.
  • Visually the game is a massive upgrade on the first Shadow Warrior. Everything looks great.
  • The game is packed full of humour and while the humour may be terrible, it still manages to make you laugh.


  • The game suffers with a few technical issues from time to time. It suffers with framerate issues and the long loading times can ruin the immersion.
  • The story is rather bland and the single player mode doesn’t shine as bright as the multiplayer offerings. 


Final Thoughts:

All in all Shadow Warrior 2 has managed to improve in nearly all areas over its predecessor. Yes it has a few niggling problems, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. The crux of the game is definitely the combat, and thankfully the combat is excellent. It’s fast-paced, fluent and the violence will definitely quench your thirst for blood. The weapons that accompany the combat are also very well done. The variation of the weapon types is more than enough to keep you occupied, and the weapons feel awesome and definitely pack a punch. The environments where the combat takes place are vast and the game allows you to explore a great deal, which keeps things fresh throughout. I was very interested in the four player co-op mode, and thankfully it delivered. This is definitely the best way to enjoy the game, as the single-player mode can become boring and repetitive at times. The story is also quite boring, and it fails to deliver on the overall excitement the game has. The presentation side of the game is great. Visually the game looks nice, and the humour the game has is funny and will definitely give you a chuckle or two. At the end of the day if you were a fan of the first Shadow Warrior then you will love Shadow Warrior 2. I was a big fan of the first Shadow Warrior and I can safely say that the 2nd Shadow Warrior is better, and I fully recommend you give it a try.

I rate Shadow Warrior 2 8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Flying Wild Hog

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Genre: Action/First-Person Shooter

Release Date (Xbox One): May 19, 2017

Price: £27.50041054



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