Tokyo 42 rating. Xbox One.



  • The gameplay on offer here is super addictive. They have done a wonderful job of making the gameplay enjoyable and challenging at the same time.
  • The visuals and music are great and fit the style of the game to perfection. I was especially fond of the bright visuals, which look awesome.
  • The game offers you quite a lot of replay-value, and they keep you coming back by giving you rewards at the end of the missions.
  • I like how the game makes you think tactically. The gun battles are especially tactical, and it lends the game a certain uniqueness.
  • The city that the game is in is designed amazingly well. The city is full of detail and you can’t help but look around and enjoy yourself.


  • The story leaves a lot to be desired. It’s just not very interesting, and unfortunately it’s like that the whole way through.
  • The controls are really awkward and I never seemed to grasp them properly, which in turn can lead to a lot of frustrating moments.


Final Thoughts:

All in all Tokyo 42 is one of them games where you get lost in all the fun and beauty. I was expecting quite a lot from this game and thankfully it pretty much delivered in all aspects. What the game does really well is hook you in almost immediately. It’s super addictive and they have done a very good job of making it challenging and enjoyable at the same time. Tokyo 42 also does a good job of encouraging you to think tactically. I had some very good gun battles and that was thanks to the tactical edge to it. The game also packs a lot of replay-value, and I have found myself coming back multiple times to try and get better rewards at the end of the missions. It’s just a shame that the story doesn’t match the replay-value. I was quite disappointed with the story and I was just crying out for a little more to hold my interest. Thankfully the city the game takes place in rectifies the lack of story somewhat. The presentation side of the game is definitely a real treat. Visually the game looks awesome and I love the little details that they have added to make the game stand out. The electronic sounds are also decent and compliment the gameplay really well. At the end of the day Tokyo 42 is a very decent shooter that manages to keep the enjoyment high throughout. It gives you tactical battles and a city that is packed full of detail and alive on every scale. If you like games that have a lot of elements that work very well together then I thoroughly recommend you give Tokyo 42 a try.

I rate Tokyo 42 8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: SMAC Games

Publisher: Mode 7 Games

Genre: Action/Top-Down Shooter 

Release Date (Xbox One): May 31, 2017

Price: £15.99Screenshot-2017-05-30-at-19.48.10

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