SUPERBEAT: XONiC rating. Xbox One.



  • I was very impressed with the rhythm mechanics that are on show here. They are explained really well and they work excellently.
  • There are a huge variety of songs for you to sink your teeth into. With over 65 songs to complete, there is literally a song for everybody.
  • There is quite a bit of replay value that comes with the game. I especially found this to be the case with the Free Style mode.
  • The game features online leaderboards, which is great if you want to compare your score to people around the world.
  • The game offers you a decent tutorial, which explains most things to you very well.


  • The game’s difficulty curve could be a lot better. Some of the harder tracks can be absolutely impossible to complete at times.
  • Visually the game is definitely lacking. Most of the songs seem to have the same generic background, and I was expecting a little more in terms of colour.
  • The price tag of the game is quite expensive, and it could put quite a few people off.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I quite enjoy music/rhythm games so I was pleased to see SUPERBEAT: XONiC announced for the Xbox One. Thankfully for the most part the game holds up pretty well and most of the time I enjoyed my time with the game. The rhythm mechanics have been executed really well. They are fluid and responsive and with the added tutorial you understand how to play the game immediately, which is great. The game also offers you a decent variety of songs for you to sink your teeth into, with lots of different genres. Each song plays well, but some of the harder songs can be far too difficult at times, which does cause frustration. Once you have completed the song you can check your standings on the online leaderboards, which I think is a nice added feature. What the game does give you in abundance is replay value. You will definitely visit the game time and time again, and the Free Style mode offers you an almost never-ending supply of replayability. The presentation side of the game is definitely a mixed bag. On the one hand the sound design is very good, and some of the tracks definitely had me nodding my head to the beat. On the other hand visually the game is sorely lacking, and gives off time and time again a generic bland look. At the end of the day if you’re a fan of music games then SUPERSONIC: XONiC will definitely bring you a lot of enjoyment. It’s a game that won’t be for everybody, and the steep retail price will put quite a lot of people off, but I must admit for that price you do get quite a lot of decent content and quite a bit of enjoyment.

I rate SUPERBEAT: XONiC 7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: PM Studio

Publisher: PM Studio/Rising Star Games

Genre: Rhythm/Music

Release Date (Xbox One): June 7 & June 9, 2017

Price: £29.99/$39.99superbeat-rev-1

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