Air Missions: HIND rating. Xbox One.



  • The game offers quite a bit of content and they have done a good job of making the missions varied, which in turn keeps things fresh.
  • I thought the controls were easy to get to grips with. Driving your helicopter is pretty straight forward and they have done a good job of keeping things simple.
  • I like how they have made the game feel. At times you actually feel like your in control of a real helicopter and this gives it a bit of realism.


  • Visually the game looks awful. It definitely doesn’t look like an Xbox One game, which in turn can hurt the realism.
  • The camera can be an absolute pain at times. It never seems to go where you want it to go, which does cause a lot of frustration.
  • The sound design could definitely do with some work on it. Nothing sounds real, and overall it sounds poor.
  • Each helicopter feels the same and they do possess a complete lack of variation.
  • The AI is definitely lacking in quite a few aspects. They don’t pose much of a challenge and seem downright stupid at times.


Final Thoughts:

All in all the Xbox One is sorely lacking when it comes to helicopter simulation games, so I was actually quite looking forward to Air Missions: HIND. Unfortunately though the game has far too many problems and in the end it felt more like a slog instead of being enjoying. The helicopters that you can play are not varied enough and in the end you can’t tell them apart, which is a shame. They do however handle well thanks to the controls. The controls are easy to adapt to and they have done a good job in keeping things simple, which allows you to focus on the action. I wish I could say the same thing about the camera, but unfortunately I can’t. The camera can be a real menace at times, and I felt myself getting more and more frustrated as I progressed through the game. The game offers a pretty decent amount of content, and the missions are quite varied, it’s just a shame though that the AI is terrible to play against. The AI is just sorely lacking in too many aspects, so it does ruin the overall excitement the game tries to bring. The presentation side of the game is not very good at all. Visually the game looks terrible and at times it doesn’t even look like an Xbox 360 game, the same can be said about the sound design, which is also bad. At the end of the day I can’t recommend Air Missions: HIND because it causes more frustration than enjoyment. I was definitely expecting more, but unfortunately it fails to deliver on too many things and this in turn hurts the game a lot.

I rate Air Missions: HIND 4.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: 3Division 

Publisher: 3Division 

Genre: Simulation/Combat

Release Date (Xbox One): June 14, 2017

Price: £13.59/$16.9937124

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