The Golf Club 2 rating. Xbox One.



  • The course creation is absolutely fantastic. It lets you change and design everything you want, and you can tell they’ve pulled out all of the stops here.
  • The career mode is great and packed full of content. They also do a good job of keeping things addictive, which in turn means you will sink a lot of hours in.
  • I think visually the game looks great. The golf courses feel alive and are packed full of detail, and you can tell it’s better than the first game.
  • The gameplay and golf mechanics feel very precise and I like how they have gone with a realistic approach. If you practice you get better, which is how it should be.
  • The online societies is a fantastic addition and it definitely gives it a lot of replay value, which is great.
  • There is lots of customisation you can do to your player, so you can add personal touches.


  • The loading times can be frustrating at times. You can be waiting for a while for your game to start, which can ruin the immersion.
  • The game does suffer with technichal issues now and again, and sometimes they can interfere with the gameplay.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I was a big fan of the original The Golf Club, so I was delighted when they announced The Golf Club 2. Thankfully this addition is even better than the first, and they have managed to improve in all areas, which is fantastic. The most significant improvement comes in the way of the gameplay and golf mechanics. They have decided to go with a realistic approach, and it works so well. The improved gameplay makes you enjoy the game more, so it’s a good job that the game has a wealth of content. The career mode is fantastic and very addictive, and it will keep you coming back for more time and time again. They have also added an online societies mode, which works well and offers even more replay value. My favourite thing about the game was the course creation. You can literally design and create anything you want your golf course to be, and I spent a lot of fun and enjoyable hours doing this. The presentation side of the game is definitely a massive improvement on the original. Visually the game can look stunning at times, and the added detail makes the golf course come alive. At the end of the day if you’re a fan of golf games then The Golf Club 2 is the best game out there. I am not a massive fan of golf games, but this game has made me more of a fan because of how good and realistic it is. It does suffer with a few technichal issues now and again, but to be honest they have managed to get everything else pretty much perfect, and I fully recommend you to add this game to your collection. 

I rate The Golf Club 2 8.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: HB Studios 

Publisher: Maximum Games 

Genre: Sports

Release Date (Xbox One): June 27, 2017

Price: £29.99/$39.99golf-club-rev-4

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