Valkyria Revolution rating. Xbox One.



  • I found the story to be very interesting. It manages to keep you occupied throughout and you can tell it has had some thought put into it.
  • Once again the artwork is one of my favourite things about Valkyria. Everything looks great and it works very well for the gameplay.
  • The voice acting and soundtrack definitely does a lot to enhance the game. They have done very well with the sound design, which is great.
  • There is a huge amount of customisation you can do to your party. You can pretty much change and acquire everything, which means you can give them a personal touch.


  • I thought the combat was very poor. It just lacked in a lot of areas and I never fully connected when in combat, which is a shame.
  • There are far too many loading screens, and the worst thing about it is that the loading times seem to go on forever.
  • I had a great deal of problems with the camera. The camera never seemed to work properly, causing me lots of frustration.
  • The game unfortunately is lacking when it comes to tactics. There is no point being tactical because rushing in is most effective.


Final Thoughts:

All in all Valkyria Revolution is one of them games that tries too hard. It tries to focus on too many different elements at the same time and this harms the game a great deal because they have left themselves too much to perfect. Don’t get me wrong they have got some things right, and in my opinion the main thing they have got right is the story. The story is very interesting and they have done a good job of keeping you invested throughout. I just wish the combat was as good as the story, but unfortunately the combat is awkward and offers you a poor experience. The loading screens also harms the game’s immersion. It seems like you’re forever waiting for a loading screen and that does make things become tiring. I did however enjoy the amount of customisation the game gives you. The customisation definitely gives you a sense of freedom when updating and changing your party, and I just wish they would have done the same and given you some customisation when it comes to the tactics. The presentation side of the game is pretty much perfect. The art style is fantastic and fits the game ever so well, and the voice acting and soundtrack do a great job of bringing the story alive. At the end of the day I was expecting so much more from Valkyria Revolution, and in the end I was ultimately left disappointed. There is some good things here and fans of the series will find some memorable moments, but in the end it’s a game that has too many problems and these problems definitely hold the game back.

I rate Valkyria Revolution 6/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Media Vision/Sega

Publisher: Deep Silver/Sega

Genre: Strategy/RPG

Release Date (Xbox One): June 27, 2017

Price: £34.99PS_Messages_20170703_190512-1024x576

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