Hunting Simulator rating. Xbox One.



  • I found the campaign to be very good and packed with content. They have done a good job of making each hunt in the campaign feel different.
  • Visually I think the game looks very good at times. I think they have especially done a good job with the lighting effects.
  • The game offers you a decent variety of weapons, and I like how you have to use specific weapons for specific animals, which gives it some realism.
  • I think they have done a great job with the design of the animals. They have made each animal have authentic behaviour, which creates more realism.


  • The game suffers with a lack of decent tutorials. If you’re a newcomer to these types of games then the tutorial won’t help you much.
  • After a while the game does become repetetive, which can lead to boredom. They could have mixed it up a bit to keep things fresh.
  • I noticed the game suffered with a few technichal problems from time to time. Especially when it came to the animals and the scenery.


Final Thoughts:

All in all proper hunting games are few and far between on the Xbox One, so I was definitely intrigued when Hunting Simulator was announced. For the most part Hunting Simulator gets quite a few things right, but unfortunately it’s not all plain sailing. I was very impressed with the campaign that’s on offer here. Each hunt that you partake in feels different from the other, and I just wish all the modes were like this. The other modes unfortunately feel repetetive, and you can get bored in these other modes. The game offers you quite a decent variety of weapons for you to use. Each weapon feels different and the added accessories make each hunt feel like they matter, which is great. Newcomers will struggle with certain hunts though, and that’s mainly down the tutorials. Unfortunately the game fails to offer you a decent tutorial and in my opinion if you don’t know what to do when hunting then the game can bring you a lot of frustrating moments. Most of the time the animals that you hunt feel very authentic and their mannerisms have been well designed. Unfortunately however the realism can be hurt with the technical issues at times. The presentation side of the game has been very well done. Visually the game can look awesome at times, and the sound design is very realistic and is never in your face, which is great. At the end of the day if you’re a fan of these types of games then you will get quite a bit of satisfaction with Hunting Simulator. It’s far from being perfect and it definitely could have been improved in some areas, but for me it gets more things right and I had more enjoyable moments than frustrating moments.

I rate Hunting Simulator 7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Neopica 

Publisher: Bigben Interactive 

Genre: Shooter/Hunting

Release Date (Xbox One): June 30, 2017

Price: £44.99252978_5_fhd

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