Battle of the Bulge rating. Xbox One.

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  • They have done a good job of keeping the controls simple to understand, which means you can devote all your attention to the strategy elements.
  • The visuals and sound design are something that I liked immediately. The 1940’s style works brilliantly and you can tell that a lot of effort has gone in here.
  • The strategy elements in the game have been done to perfection. You really have to think about your next move and I love the extra little details.
  • If you’re interested in learning about history then this game has you covered. They make learning fun and they make you feel like you’re actually there. 


  • The AI can be a little inconsistent at times. They sometimes make a stupid move which can harm your enjoyment somewhat. 
  • If you’re a fan of depth when it comes to strategy games then you will find Battle of the Bulge to be lacking in this area.
  • The game doesn’t do enough to give you a reason to keep returning to the game. More maps are definitely need and this would make the replay value higher.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I’m not a massive fan when it comes to strategy games and the main reason for that is that I feel like they make some strategy games to complicated. Thankfully Battle of the Bulge doesn’t do that which means I enjoyed my time with the game a lot more. They have a very good tutorial that tells you what to do and they have kept the controls simple so you don’t have to worry about complicated button presses, which is a relief. The strategy part of the game is pretty much perfect and they have done a good job of making your next move matter which keeps things exciting. The AI in the game however could have been a little more consistent. You will see the AI make silly moves out of the blue quite a few times and this can harm the immersion the game gives you. The game is also lacking in depth and replay value, which is a shame because a few more maps would have given the game new life when things get tedious. They try to combat the length by offering you a wonderful history lesson and I must admit that I was fascinated with the little details they added. The presentation side of the game is something I was a big fan of. The 1940’s style visuals are very good and they make you become even more immersed in the game. I also liked the sound design which wasn’t overbearing and did just enough to keep the 1940’s vibe going. At the end of the day fans of strategy games will definitely find some enjoyment with Battle of the Bulge. Don’t get me wrong not everybody will like this game and some strategy fans will feel it lacks depth, but in the end I have to give it a thumbs up because I actually enjoyed it which doesn’t happen very often with strategy games for me.

I rate Battle of the Bulge 7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Shenandoah Studio

Publisher: Slitherine Software UK Ltd

Genre: Strategy/Turn-Based 

Release Date (Xbox One): August 25, 2017

Price: £7.99image (21)

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