Mages of Mystralia rating. Xbox One.



  • The magic crafting in the game has been really well done. You can create a large number of spells and some of the spells are really interesting.
  • I found the side quests to have a decent amount of variety. The side quests also add quite a few details to the story and make the story more interesting. 
  • I found the art style to be very good and in my opinion it has a nice feeling to it. They have done a good job and it feels like a bigger game than it is. 
  • The puzzles in the game are very cleverly designed and they have done a good job of keeping the puzzles simple enough, which in turn keeps the frustration levels down.


  • While I think the spell crafting is a great addition to the game it does however take time for you to get things right and you will lose patience along the way. 
  • The enemy design unfortunately lacks in terms of variety and you will get sick of seeing the same enemies.
  • The controls aren’t as responsive as they should be and they do cause you some premature deaths.


Final Thoughts:

All in all Mages of Mystralia offers quite a good role playing experience, but unfortunately it does have a few problems and I can’t help thinking that if these problems didn’t exist then you would be talking about a very good role playing game instead of just quite good. Without a shadow of a doubt the best thing about this game is the magic crafting, and you can tell straight away how much thought and effort has gone into these spells. Although I appreciate the effort that’s gone in here I would have liked to be able to do the spells a little easier. The game has a decent story and the side quests do a great of being fun and they also do great job of adding little details to the story. The puzzles are also well done and they would have been even better if the controls remained responsive throughout, but unfortunately the controls do suffer with some problems. I was also a bit disappointed with the lack of variety in terms of the enemies you face, and unfortunately you get nothing exciting from the enemies apart from the bosses. The presentation side of the game makes the game seem bigger than it is, which shows how good the presentation is. I was a massive fan of the visuals in the game and I think the nice feeling the visuals create make you want to play the game more. At the end of the day I appreciate the effort Mages of Mystralia puts in and for the most part it offers you a fun and enjoyable experience, but the problems it has do hold the game back from reaching its full potential. There are better games in the genre, but Mages of Mystralia does just enough to get a recommendation from me.

I rate Mages of Mystralia 7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Borealys Games

Publisher: Borealys Games 

Genre: Action Adventure/RPG

Release Date (Xbox One): August 25, 2017

Price: £15.99PS_Messages_20170809_090148-1024x576

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