Surf World Series rating. Xbox One.



  • The visuals and sound design in the game are pretty good. The ocean looks and sounds like it should do and it does a good job of immersing you.
  • The gameplay in the game is challenging and fun most of the time, and they have done a good job of making each wave feel different.
  • The controls in the game are simple and remain responsive throughout even when performing various flips and tricks.
  • There is a decent tutorial that eases you in gently. This tutorial gives you 8 lessons and each lesson is designed to make you get better and understand the game more.


  • I found the camera to be a little awkward at times. The camera doesn’t have much movement and it can hinder you when trying to do tricks.
  • I found the online modes to not be very active and it was very difficult to get into a game, which is a shame.
  • Unfortunately the game lacks in terms of content and the content that’s here gets very repetetive because it also lacks when it comes to variation.


Final Thoughts:

All in all when Surf World Series was first announced I must say that it had me intrigued and in the end I was actually looking forward to it. When I played the game it did give me some enjoyment and it played like Tony Hawk’s, but obviously in the ocean. Unfortunately in the end I got a little bored because it became repetetive and it is apparent from the get go that the game lacks in content and variation. The gameplay though does provide you with a few thrills and I was very impressed with how each wave felt different, and if they had more modes to accompany the different waves then the boredom would never surface. The controls in the game are very responsive throughout and they have done a good job of keeping things simple, so I never seemed to get overly frustrated, which is always good. I did however get frustrated at the camera a few times. The camera doesn’t change position much so ultimately it feels awkward and it can hinder you when trying to complete the more difficult tricks. When it comes to the tricks the game does a good job of showing you how to execute them, and the tutorials overall do a great job of showing and explaining everything. The presentation side of the game is simple but very effective. Visually the game looks really nice and they have captured the ocean very well. The sound design is also very good and they have done all the sounds you would expect to hear very well. At the end of the day Surf World Series is one of them games that’s perfect for playing in short bursts. It isn’t a game that can be played for long periods because the repetetiveness does make things become tedious in the end. If the game had more for you to do then I would fully recommend it, but there isn’t much in terms of content and that can hurt your experience. It’s far from being a bad game though.

I rate Surf World Series 6.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Climax Studios

Publisher: Vision Games Publishing

Genre: Sports 

Release Date (Xbox One): August 30, 2017

Price: £11.99surf-rev-2

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