Squish and the Corrupted Crystal rating. Xbox One.

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  • There are plenty of levels for you to sink your teeth into, and completing all these levels perfectly will take some time, so their is replay value here. 
  • I like how they introduce new gameplay mechanics after each world is completed. This definitely spices things up and keeps things fresh.
  • The controls remain responsive throughout and they have done a good job of making the platforming remain fast and fluid throughout.
  • The level design has a decent variety to it and no level ever feels the same. Each level has its own little quirks, which on turn keeps things fun.


  • The music in the game can become annoying quite quickly. There isn’t enough variation here, so when you play a level a few times it can get annoying.
  • The game unfortunately suffers with a few technichal issues from time to time, and these issues can cause some premature deaths, which can be frustrating.
  • I was expecting a lot more of a story in the game. I quite liked the characters in the game and I think they have missed a trick in not including more of a story.


Final Thoughts:

All in all as far as platformers go Squish and the Corrupted Crystal is not a bad addition to the genre. Don’t get me wrong there are better platformers out there, but Squish offers a fun and enjoyable time which goes a long way with a platformer. The game offers you a lot of levels in the game and in order to complete a level to 100% you have to do a number of things, so there is definitely some replay value to be had here. The levels also have a decent amount of variety to them, which keeps things fresh and stops any boredom setting in. The game does however suffer with a few technichal issues every now and then, and these issues will make you die so expect to get frustrated at times. The controls though feel pretty good and the best thing is that they remain responsive throughout, which is great. The gameplay mechanics have also been done really well and I love how they introduce a different mechanic after completing each world. It’s a shame though that there isn’t much in terms of a story and I think a good story would have benefited the game greatly because the characters are likeable. The presentation side of the game is just average unfortunately. Visually the game isn’t too bad and I like that they’ve packed the levels with colour, unfortunately though the music isn’t very good and it gets on your nerves because it lacks variety, and I did mute it on more than one occasion. At the end of the day Squish and the Corrupted Crystal is perfect for gamers of all ages. The game is never really too difficult and it creates a decent amount of fun. Yes there may be better platformers out there, but this game is worth checking out and it gets a recommendation from me.

I rate Squish and the Corrupted Crystal 7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Cheat Code Studios

Publisher: Cheat Code Studios 

Genre: Platformer 

Release Date (Xbox One): September 5, 2017

Price: $14.99image (26)

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