NASCAR Heat 2 rating. Xbox One.



  • The career mode in this instalment is much better than in the first game. There is a lot of depth in the career mode and it gives you a great sense of reward. 
  • I found the inclusion of racing trucks to be very good. They feel different to the cars and they manage to create quite a lot of enjoyment, which is great.
  • The racing in the game feels great. Every little detail here feels as though it’s been improved and the most important thing is that the controls hold up really.
  • The split-screen local multiplayer is a huge amount of fun and it breaths new life into the series. 
  • There are lots of tracks for you to sink your teeth into and each track has lots of little details included. 


  • Visually the game is unfortunately still lacking and it definitely could do with a bit of polish here.
  • The camera in the game still feels as awkward as ever and I was hoping that this would be improved.
  • While the career mode has a lot of depth to it unfortunately it lacks when it comes to the excitement levels. 


Final Thoughts:

All in all the first NASCAR Heat left a lot to be desired and had way too many problems that ultimately hurt your enjoyment levels, so as you can imagine I was pretty surprised when NASCAR Heat 2 was announced. NASCAR Heat 2 however is definitely an improvement over the first game, and while it still has a few problems I definitely had a lot more enjoyable moments with this game. The career mode has vastly been improved and it has a huge amount of depth to it, and if they would have made it a bit more exciting then they would have had a brilliant career mode on their hands. There are more modes this year and I loved the inclusion of racing trucks, which has been done really well and is very fun. The split-screen local multiplayer is also very fun and it allows you to race, crash and have some exciting races with your friends, which is great. The racing on the whole is pretty good and they have added some nice little touches whilst making the controls responsive throughout. I would however have liked to have seen some improvements made to the camera because unfortunately it still remains awkward, which is a shame. The presentation side of the game has improved a little, but not enough in my opinion. Visually the game can still be ugly at times, but the sound design has improved a little and they have managed to make it sound more realistic. All in all I appreciate the effort the developers have put in to improving this series, and on the whole the improvements have made the game a much better experience for fans of NASCAR. They have listened to the fans and improved on the major let-downs that held the first game back, and for that reason NASCAR Heat 2 gets a recommendation from me.

I rate NASCAR Heat 2 7.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Monster Games/704 Games Company

Publisher: 704 Games Company 

Genre: Racing/Simulation 

Release Date (Xbox One): September 12, 2017

Price: £39.99image (30)

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