Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition rating. Xbox One.



  • The crafting elements in the game are absolutely brilliant. There are a huge amount of items for you to craft, and this definitely keeps things interesting.
  • The replay value in the game is very high. There are plenty of maps for you to play on and no map is ever the same, which is awesome.
  • The art style and sound design are very good. Visually the game definitely has a unique side to it and the music has a creepy side to it, which is great.
  • There is always something for you to do in the game and the open-world is vast and packed with lots of little nooks and crannies.
  • The game is an incredible amount of fun when played with friends. You can tell straight away that a lot of effort has been put in here.


  • The game unfortunately can be incredibly difficult at times and it doesn’t really get easier throughout, so this will definitely put some people off.
  • The game doesn’t have a very good tutorial and the lack of tutorial makes the game even more difficult, which is definitely frustrating.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I absolutely adored Don’t Starve, so to say I was looking forward to Don’t Starve Together would be a massive understatement. Thankfully the game delivered and met my lofty expectations, and in some ways this game is better than the original. This game is ultimately about survival and in order to survive you have to craft. The crafting elements in the game are fantastic and you can create a number of items, which gives it a believable side to it. Another thing the game does well is that it always has something for you to do. I never once got bored and the variation in the game keeps things exciting and fresh throughout. There are a number of maps for you to play on and no map is ever the same, so the replay value in the game is almost never-ending. I enjoyed the game most when I was playing with my friends, and you can tell immediately how much thought and effort has gone in here. The biggest gripe I probably had with the game is the lack of a decent tutorial. Without a shadow of a doubt this game can be very difficult at times, and some will find this off-putting, so I was really surprised that they didn’t offer a decent tutorial. The presentation side of the game is done really well and fits the gameplay brilliantly. I was especially a fan of the visual aspect of the game, and I definitely found the visuals to have a unique side to them. At the end of the day fans of Don’t Starve need to get Don’t Starve Together immediately. They have took everything that was good from the original and in some ways made it better, which is something I didn’t think was possible. The difficulty can be a problem at times, but after all this game is about survival so I expected and enjoyed the challenge. If you like games that make you think and offer a huge amount of replay value then look no further than this game.

I rate Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition 8.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Klei Entertainment 

Publisher: Klei Entertainment

Genre: Action Adventure/Survival

Release Date (Xbox One): September 13, 2017

Price: £11.99beastmonster

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