Super Hydorah rating. Xbox One.



  • The shoot ’em up gameplay has been done to perfection. They have managed to get the perfect mix of exciting and challenging gameplay.
  • I found the game to be an incredible amount of fun in local co-op, and they managed to keep me and my friends invested throughout.
  • The controls remain responsive throughout and everything felt fast and fluid throughout my time with the game.
  • The game has decent variety in terms of weapons and levels. Each level is different and challenging and the weapons all pack a punch.
  • The presentation side of the game is something I really enjoyed. Visually the retro style made the gameplay stand out more, and the soundtrack is both original and pleasant on the ears.


  • I was very surprised to see no difficulty option included in the game. With no difficulty setting that means the game is very unforgiving and at times you do feel that it’s a little unfair.
  • I would have liked to have seen a little more when it came to the customisation. It does have some customisation, but I don’t feel that it improves you enough.


Final Thoughts:

All in all to perfect a modern game to having the same feel as an old-school game you have to get a number of things right, and thankfully Super Hydorah has nailed the aspects needed, which in turn makes the game a very enjoyable experience. The shoot ’em up gameplay is definitely a blast from the past, and they have also managed to apply their own unique ideas which makes things very memorable. The controls are very important in a game like this and thankfully they hold up really well remaining responsive throughout. The game also has a lot of content and variety going for it and the variety of level design is something I really liked. You can tell that a great deal of thought has gone into each level, and I just wish they would have put as much effort into the customisation because unfortunately I found it a little lacking. I most enjoyed this game when I played it in local co-op, and the main reason why I enjoyed this mode the most is because they made it interesting for me and friends throughout our playthrough. Don’t get me the wrong the single player is good, but it’s very difficult and I was very surprised that they didn’t include different difficulty options. The presentation side of the game is absolutely perfect in my opinion. Visually the retro style brings back fond memories and makes the gameplay stand out even more. The music in the game is also well done and there is a massive amount of variety here. At the end of the day as far as shoot ’em ups go Super Hydorah is a very good addition to the genre. It gets most things right and it manages to combine both retro and modern very well. Fans of shoot ’em ups will absolutely love this game, and with me being a massive fan of this genre it gets a massive recommendation from me.

I rate Super Hydorah 8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Abylight Studios/Locomalito 

Publisher: Abylight Studios 

Genre: Action/Shoot ’em up 

Release Date (Xbox One): September 20, 2017

Price: £9.59SuperHydorah1


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