Lilith-M rating. Xbox One.

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  • The puzzles in the game have been done really well and do require some thought, which means they’re both challenging and enjoyable.
  • I like the approach they’ve made by allowing you to control two characters at the same time. This gives the game a unique selling point.
  • Visually the game has a nice steam-punk art style going for it. There is plenty of colour in the game and the visuals do a good job of bringing the game alive.
  • The level design in the game has a decent variety going for it. Each of the 40 leveks are all considerably different and are actually pretty fun.


  • The story in the game unfortunately didn’t really hit the mark. There isn’t enough here and I was expecting a little more.
  • The controls can feel a little awkward at times, and they don’t always feel responsive which can be frustrating.
  • The sound design is very basic and it doesn’t offer anything memorable. They could have made some noises a little more profound, especially when completing the puzzles.


Final Thoughts:

All in all as far as puzzle games go Lilith-M is not a bad addition to the genre. It has some interesting and unique ideas, and it would have been even better if they would have ironed out the few niggling problems the game has. The main crux in a puzzle game is obviously the puzzles, and thankfully the puzzles here are very good. Some of the puzzles are very creative and require some thought to complete, which makes the puzzles that little bit more interesting. The controls in the game don’t always help with the puzzles though because at times they feel a little fiddly and they don’t always feel responsive, which is definitely frustrating. They have though thrown in a unique idea to make you forget about its shortcomings, and in my opinion they have implemented controlling two characters very well and this makes the game stand out. I would however have liked more of a story to accompany these two characters and I think they’ve missed out on an opportunity here. The level design in the game has a decent amount of variety going for it and they’ve got more than enough levels for you to sink your teeth into. I must admit that I didn’t get bored much when playing the different levels, which is always a bonus. The presentation side of the game is a bit hit and miss. I enjoyed the visuals in the game and I think the steam-punk art style gives the game a lot of character. The sound design is unfortunately not as good and there is nothing memorable that stands out here. At the end of the day Lilith-M isn’t going to win any awards, but what it does do is that it offers you a fun and enjoyable time with some interesting and clever puzzles. The few problems it has can hold the game back somewhat, but it has more going for it than against it and in the end it gets a recommendation from me.

I rate Lilith-M 7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Chesstar Studios

Publisher: E-Home Entertainment Development 

Genre: Puzzle 

Release Date (Xbox One): September 27, 2017

Price: $9.99image (39)

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