TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition rating. Xbox One.

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  • The movements in the game definitely have a unique feel to them and this definitely lends the game some fun and exciting action.
  • The gameplay is perfect for fans of the pick up and play style. It never gets too complicated so that means you can just focus on the task at hand.
  • The physics in the game have been implemented very well and this gives the game a great sense of realism because everything has to be spot on.


  • The game is very difficult and this can be definitely off putting at times, especially when it feels unfair.
  • When you die it takes ages for you to restart again and this makes you very frustrated and definitely dampens your spirits.
  • The lack of content in the game means that there isn’t much replay value to be had here, which means you won’t be playing this game long.
  • The presentation side of the game is somewhat lacking in a number of areas and I think the minimalist approach doesn’t help.
  • There isn’t enough variety when it comes to the gameplay and it only has one thing that’s exciting, which is a shame.


Final Thoughts:

All in all the puzzle platformer genre has been saturated a great deal over recent years and the abundance of games can be quite tiring. In order to stop the tiresome feeling the game must stand out from the rest and unfortunately that’s not the case with ToequeL: Physics Modified Edition. While the movement mechanic may make the gameplay stand out and make it exciting at times it’s unfortunately the only thing the gameplay has and the lack of variety soon makes the game become tedious. There is also a lack of content in the game and this without a doubt lowers the replay value considerably. The difficulty curve in the game spikes out of nowhere and this definitely makes you enjoy the game less and then eventually you don’t want to play the game any more. I did however like the game’s simplistic approach and if they would have made the pick up and play style combine with an easier progress then the game would have provided much more enjoyment. I do however appreciate the realistic approach of the physics in the game and I think I would have enjoyed it more if it didn’t take as long to restart a level. When you die it takes too long to get back into the level and this just left me feeling frustrated and deflated. The presentation side of the game is dull throughout and offers nothing memorable. I get that they wanted to keep things minamilist in design, but maybe they went a bit too minamilist in their approach. At the end of the day TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition is another game that can be put in the below average category of puzzle platformers, and there are many games in that pile. Unfortunately the game offers nothing new and it has too many problems so you don’t end up having much fun with this title. In a genre that’s littered with games TorqueL doesn’t do enough to make itself different and there are much better games in the genre so ultimately it doesn’t get a recommendation from me.

I rate TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition   5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)




Genre: Puzzle/Platformer

Release Date (Xbox One): October 17, 2017

Price: £8.39/$9.99image (52)

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