Rapala Fishing Pro Series rating. Xbox One.

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series_20171025001002


  • The game offers the perfect easy to pick up and play gameplay. It never gets too complicated and this then allows you to focus on the action that’s taking place. 
  • There is a decent variety of lakes for you to fish at and each one plays and feels different, which in turn keeps things interesting for a short while.
  • There are plenty of different fish to catch and the game has a lot of different rods and lures that you can use to catch the fish.


  • The presentation side of the game is very lacklustre. Visually the game looks awful and the sound design doesn’t do much better.
  • I found the career mode to be severely lacking. It never keeps your attention and in my opinion it’s far too short.
  • Unfortunately the game is lacking when it comes to realism, and you will find yourself getting frustrated a lot.
  • There is virtually no replay value in the game and that’s mainly down to how reptetive it gets and there isn’t much that mixes this up.
  • I think they have made the game to simplistic for its own good and fans of fishing games won’t like that.


Final Thoughts:

All in all there hasn’t been many fishing games over the last few years and that’s a shame because I actually like fishing games, especially if they’re good. Unfortunately I can’t really call Rapala Fishing Pro Series a good fishing game because it has too many problems and shortcomings. The worst shortcoming in my opinion was the lack of realism the game has. The game is nothing like real fishing and in the end it just ends up being frustrating and boring. I appreciate their simplistic approach with the gameplay and some people may like this, but for me I found it to be too simplistic for its own good. I will say however that there is a decent variety when it comes to the lakes you can fish on and there is also a decent variety of fish and items you can use. Unfortunately though there is no variety when it comes to the career mode. The career mode is extremely dull and offers little to no excitement, and even if it did have some excitement it would be over very quickly anyway because the career mode is very short. The game also suffers with a lack of replay value because it gets repetetive very quickly and you find it a chore to continue playing which isn’t good at all. The presentation side of the game is awful and offers nothing special at all. Visually the game looks like it belongs on the original Xbox and the sound design doesn’t do anything better either, which is a shame. At the end of the day if this was the first fishing game you’d ever play you probably wouldn’t play another fishing game again. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the worst game I’ve ever played and it does have a few moments, but these moments never last longer than a few minutes then all you’re left with is a boring and repetitive fishing game, which also lacks realism. If you like fishing games then I suggest you stay clear of Rapala Fishing Pro Series because it won’t do enough to satisfy you.

I rate Rapala Fishing Pro Series   4.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Concrete Software/GameMill Entertainment 

Publisher: GameMill Entertainment 

Genre: Sports/Fishing 

Release Date (Xbox One): October 24, 2017

Price: £15.99/$19.99Rapala Fishing: Pro Series_20171025221141

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