Ben 10 rating. Xbox One.

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  • The presentation side of the game has been done really well. The cartoony graphics look great and it sounds just like Ben 10 should do. 
  • I found the combat in the game to be very enjoyable, and I think they did a great job of making the combat very satisfying especially when reaching high combos. 
  • There are quite a few hidden collectibles for you to find on each level, and finding all these hidden items gives the game some replay value. 
  • Me and my children enjoyed the story in the game, and my children were especially pleased that a lot of the characters were included in it. 


  • The gameplay gets repetetive pretty quickly and there isn’t anything that mixes up the usual gameplay. 
  • I was very surprised by how high the price of the game was, and this steep price will definitely put some people off.
  • The upgrades you can unlock for your aliens are pretty basic and lack variety.
  • The boss fights were a little underwhelming and nothing much here stood out, which was a shame.  


Final Thoughts:

All in all there have been a number of Ben 10 game’s over the years and whilst none of them have been amazing they do give you some enjoyment, and that’s exactly what you get with the new Ben 10 game. The combat which is obviously the crux of the game has been done really well, and I felt very satisfied when reaching and performing high combos. Unfortunately though the gameplay and combat does end up getting repetetive and because they don’t do anything to mix it up you do end up getting bored. They try to combat this boredom by putting in some hidden items for you to find on each level, and at times it does work and it gives the game some badly needed replay value. There are also a lot of unlockables you can obtain for each of the aliens, but unfortunately I found these unlockables to be very basic and in the end they lacked variety. I also was a little underwhelmed when it came to the boss fights and I must admit that I was expecting much more but unfortunately that never materialised. Something I did enjoy though was the story. Me and my children found the story to be very enjoyable and the best thing is that the story stayed very close to the usual Ben 10 formula which pleased my children very much. The presentation side of the game has been done really well and it captures the Ben 10 style very well, especially when it came to the cartoony visuals. The sound design has also been implemented very well and my children were pleased that some of the catchphrases were included. At the end of the day Ben 10 is a game that will be most enjoyed by children, but children will still end up getting bored with it because it lacks in terms of variety. The game can be really enjoyable at times, but the basic problems it has holds the game back and in the end you get frustrated. I can’t recommend Ben 10 to you at the moment because the price of the game is way too steep, but when the price drops considerably then the game has just enough for you to consider a purchase. 

I rate Ben 10   6.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Outright Games/Torus Games

Publisher: Outright Games

Genre: Action/Beat-‘Em-Up 

Release Date (Xbox One): November 10, 2017

Price: £34.99/$29.99image (15)

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