Rememoried rating. Xbox One.



  • The visuals in the game definitely have a unique side to them and they do a wonderful job of creating a very thought-provoking atmosphere. 
  • I fully enjoyed each level I played and it was great exploring each level because it was packed full of variety and charm. 
  • The simplicity in the game is something I was really fond of and I feel by going down this route it allows you to become even more immersed with the game.
  • I love how experimental they were when it came to the game’s achievements and in fact they go with an experminental approach in all areas, which is great.


  • Unfortunately the game is a little on the short side and once completed it offers you no reason to return, which is a shame.
  • At times I didn’t have a clue what I was meant to do and a little help here and there would have been nice.
  • The platforming in the game feels pretty awkward most of the times and it will definitely get you frustrated.
  • I found the sound design to be a little lacklustre at times and it just didn’t seem to work with the visuals. 


Final Thoughts:

All in all I didn’t know what to expect with Rememoried and when I started to play it I still didn’t quite get it, but in a way I kind of liked the unusual style. Don’t get me wrong the game does have quite a few problems, but in the end I enjoyed it more than I disliked it. Each level in the game is considerably different and you can definitely see that a lot of thought and effort has gone in here. I would however have liked a little help on some of the levels because figuring things out did make me end up getting frustrated from time to time. Thankfully everything else is simplistic and that works in the game’s favour because keeping it simplistic makes you become more immersed in the game. This title features some platforming in its gameplay and this in my opinion is probably the worst thing about the game. It’s probably the worst thing because everything here just feels awkward and unresponsive, which is a shame because it harms the experimental side of the game. Speaking of experimental, when it comes to certain things the game’s experminental side can be brilliant and it really gives the game a unique feeling. Unfortunately though this unique feeling doesn’t last very long because the game can be completed quite quickly and once completed there really isn’t no reason to return. The presentation side of the game is definitely a bit hit and miss. Visually the game looks great and the atmosphere they manage to create is very unique. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the sound design and in my opinion the sound design just doesn’t connect with the visuals that are on offer throughout the game. At the end of the day unusual game’s are something that I really like because they break away from the usual mould, and Rememoried can definitely be classed as unusual. Don’t get me wrong this game will not be for everybody and it’s not going to win any awards, but I must admit that it ended up drawing me in at certain times, and this is the main reason why it just does enough to get a recommendation from me, but I would wait until it comes down in price before purchasing it.

I rate Rememoried   7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Hangonit Studios/Vladimir Kudelka

Publisher: Hangonit Studios 

Genre: Adventure 

Release Date (Xbox One): December 6, 2017

Price: £12.49/$14.99rememoried-rev-1

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