The Vanishing of Ethan Carter rating. Xbox One.



  • I fell in love with the presentation side of the game almost immediately and in my opinion they’ve done a wonderful job in making everything very immersive. 
  • The story in the game is fantastic and it rewards exploration which in turn keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. 
  • There is a decent array of puzzles to tackle in the game and the combination of a detective style with the puzzles makes things very enjoyable. 
  • The ending in the game was one of the best I’ve ever experienced and in a way it made me want to do another playthrough almost immediately.
  • There is a decent length to the game and I think they’ve got the perfect balance because it isn’t too short nor does it overstay its welcome.


  • The game suffers with a few technical hiccups every now and then and that can be a little distracting at times.
  • I did get a little lost a few times during my playthrough and I would have liked a few more hints here and there.


Final Thoughts:

All in all some people aren’t fans of walking simulators and I can understand why at times. The main reason for my understanding is because some walking simulators lack in terms of action and they can be a little tedious at times, but The Vanishing of Ethan Carter isn’t like that and I would go as far to say that it’s one of the best walking adventures I’ve ever played. In order to make a game like this to be successful you need to have a decent story, and thankfully the story is excellent and it does an amazing job of keeping you hooked throughout. Often a story’s ending can be a little lacklustre, but that’s not the case here. In my opinion the ending of the story is absolutely brilliant and it did a great job of staying with me long after completion. Something that surprised me with this game is the amount of depth it has when it comes to its gameplay. You don’t expect to be able to do much in a game like this, but they’ve really pulled out all the stops here and created very enjoyable puzzles with a nice mixture of detective style gameplay. I will say though that I did get stuck and lost a few times so I would have liked a few more hints thrown in every now and then. In terms of the length of the game there is actually a decent amount present and I think they’ve got the length spot on because it isn’t too short nor is it too long. The presentation side of the game is excellent and it really gives this game a unique edge to it. Visually the game can look absolutely stunning at times and the world feels alive at all times, which is great. The sound design has also been done really well and the atmosphere it manages to create really does make the game that little bit more immersive. At the end of the day The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a game that I can see being in my top ten favourite game’s at the end of the year and that’s pretty impressive considering it’s only January. Everything that’s on offer in the game has pretty much been done to perfection and every different part of the game combines together to create an unforgettable experience. Without a shadow of a doubt this game gets a massive recommendation from me and fans of walking simulators will enjoy this immensely.

I rate The Vanishing of Ethan Carter   9/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: The Astronauts 

Publisher: The Astronauts 

Genre: Adventure/Walking Sim

Release Date (Xbox One): January 19, 2018

Price: £15.99/$19.99ethancarter_03

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