DYE rating. Xbox One.

image (75)


  • The presentation side of the game is something that I really enjoyed. The minamilist visuals and sound design work together really well. 
  • They have managed to get the controls and movement spot on. Everything feels fluid and responsive throughout which in turn makes the platforming better. 
  • I found the level design in the game to be absolutely brilliant and each different level has a lot of personality, which keeps things fresh and interesting.
  • The boss battles in the game have been designed really well and once you defeat them you get a great sense of achievement.


  • I wasn’t a massive fan of the checkpoint system and I feel that they could have included a few more to help ease the difficulty the game has.
  • The difficulty spikes in the game can be a real problem at times and when you die multiple times it can start to become frustrating.
  • Whilst the level design is very good I feel that the levels go on for too long and shorter levels would have benefited the game in my opinion.


Final Thoughts:

All in all 2D platformers are everywhere and in a way the genre is a little swamped, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a decent entry into the genre. Thankfully DYE gets more right than it gets wrong and most important of all it provides a lot of enjoyable moments. In terms of the gameplay everything feels tight and responsive throughout and that’s mainly down to the controls and movement. They’ve managed to get these aspects spot on and that’s very important because the game is very difficult and in my opinion it’s a little too difficult at times, so expect a bit of frustration to creep in. The levels that are present in the game have been designed really well and the amount of variety that’s on offer is more than enough to satisfy you. I will say though that the levels went on a bit too long for me and shorter levels would have been better and would have fit the game’s style more in my opinion. Another problem with the longer levels is that there aren’t enough checkpoints present so if you die you will have to do quite a lot of the level again if you missed the checkpoint, and this can be infuriating at times. Something that really stood out in this game were the boss battles. The bosses that are on offer have been designed extremely well and they really do a great job of breaking up the normal gameplay. Whilst some might not enjoy collecting unlockables to progress to certain levels I actually enjoyed it and in a way it gives the game quite a bit of replayability. The presentation side of the game ticks a lot of boxes for me, and I must admit that I enjoyed the minamilist approach they went for. Visually the game may be simple but I think it looks great, and the accompanying sound design offers you a very relaxing atmosphere which works great with the gameplay at times. At the end of the day DYE doesn’t offer anything new that we haven’t already seen before, but that doesn’t stop it from being a decent addition to the genre. I enjoyed a lot of things that were present in the game and I can see it being a game that I will revisit every now and then. I will say though that if you don’t like games where you die multiple times then this game won’t be for you, but if you like a challenging experience then DYE is a game you will thoroughly enjoy.

I rate DYE   7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Bat Country Games

Publisher: Bat Country Games 

Genre: Action/2D Platformer 

Release Date (Xbox One): February 7, 2018

Price: $4.99image (74)

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