Dandara rating. Xbox One.

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  • The controls in the game feel absolutely divine. Every move you make feels flawless and the most important thing is that everything remains responsive. 
  • I was a massive fan of the presentation side of the game. Visually the pixel art looks great and the accompanying soundtrack gives the game charm. 
  • The gameplay has lots of different mechanics in play at the same time and they all work together absolutely brilliantly. 
  • Exploring the wonderful world in the game is very rewarding. Each different environment is packed full of variety from top to bottom.
  • The puzzles require some thought to progress and the clever design of them make the puzzles interesting, which in turn makes them stand out.


  • The difficulty curve in the game can be a little too challenging at times and I think this may put some people off.
  • There isn’t much in terms of a story present in the game and I definitely would have liked to have seen a more fleshed out tale. 
  • The game is a little on the short side and I was crying out for more because it was very enjoyable.


Final Thoughts:

All in all Metroidvanias are games that have a huge following and there have been a lot of memorable Metroidvanias over the years. Thankfully Dandara can be added to the list of memorable Metroidvanias because it delivers in a lot of important areas. The controls which are very important in a game like this are some of the best I’ve experienced. Everything about them feels great and if you make a mistake then it’s on you because the controls cause no problems. This is very important because the game can be very difficult at times and you will get frustrated from time to time, so the excellent controls help ease that frustration. The gameplay on the whole is very enjoyable to say the least. There are a number of different mechanics in play at the same time and when they all work together they really do create a magical experience for you to sink your teeth into. I only wish that the game was a little longer, but in terms of content there really isn’t much which is a shame because the content it does have is fantastic. Dandara is a game that encourages you to explore and when you do explore you will find lots of hidden secrets and puzzles. Each environment has lots of variety and the puzzles that are present in these environments do require a little thought to complete, which is great. There is a little bit of a story included in the game as well, but there is nowhere near enough of a story in my opinion. I would have definitely liked to have got to know the character and world a lot more because the small snippets you do get are actually pretty interesting. The presentation side of the game is without a doubt one of my favourite things about Dandara. Visually the pixel art is full of character and the accompanying sound design combines with the visuals perfectly. At the end of the day Dandara is a game that I know quite a few people were looking forward to, and I must admit I was one of them people. Thankfully it delivered exactly what I wanted from it and I have no doubt that it will reach most people’s expectations. Yes it may not be perfect and it does have a few niggling problems every now and then, but you will easily forget about them because when the game is in full flow it truly delivers a very enjoyable and magical experience, and this means it gets a big thumbs up from me.

I rate Dandara   8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Long Hat House

Publisher: Raw Fury 

Genre: Action/Platformer 

Release Date (Xbox One): February 6, 2018

Price: £11.99/$14.99image (77)

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