Quantic Pinball rating. Xbox One.

image (78)


  • The pinball ball physics hold up really well and this in turn makes the gameplay pretty enjoyable because everything does what it’s supposed to do.
  • I found the presentation side of the game to be very enjoyable. The neon art style works very well and the sound design hits all the right notes.
  • There is a distinct unique side to the game and that comes in the way of some brief shoot-’em-up moments, which breaks up the usual formula very well.
  • The special level in the game was great and the retro side to it means this level stood out from the rest of the tables.


  • In terms of content there isn’t much to sink your teeth into and without a doubt it’s best enjoyed in short bursts.
  • Whilst there a number of tables to play I did notice a distinct lack of variety when it came to the tables on offer.
  • I found the game lacked when it came to being challenging and I found it very easy to complete the tables in one playthrough. 


Final Thoughts:

All in all pinball games have been present for a number of years now and I must admit that whenever I play any sort of pinball game I get addicted very quickly. Quantic Pinball does provide you with some addictive gameplay, but some niggling problems do stop it from being included in the higher echelons of pinball games. Obviously the most important thing about a pinball game is getting the ball physics correct and thankfully they’ve done a really good job here. Everything does what its supposed to do and this makes the gameplay a very enjoyable affair at times. Unfortunately though I found that the game was severely lacking when it came to being challenging. It was way too easy in my opinion and I was able to complete all tables with relative ease. The only real challenge the game offered was the special level. The special level is without a doubt my favourite part about the game and shooting aliens really gave the game a retro feel to it. In terms of content the game doesn’t have much for you to get to grips with, but there are leaderboards and when played in short bursts the game does have a little replay value. The biggest problem with Quantic Pinball for me was the lack of variety when it came to the tables. Each table basically played and felt the same and this is why you can’t really play this game for long periods. I will say though that the game does offer a unique spin on things, and that comes in the way of some brief shoot-em-up moments. These brief moments definitely make the game stand out and I wish they did more like this. The presentation side of the game ticked a lot of boxes for me. I loved the neon art style and I think it suits the pinball style very well and the accompanying sound design fits with the visuals extremely well. At the end of the day if you like pinball games then Quantic Pinball will no doubt provide you with some cheap thrills. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a top pinball game, but for the cheap price it’s definitely value for money. On the whole the game gets the basics right and it doesn’t suffer with any major problems, which is great. The only real problem with the game is its lack of content and variety when it comes to its tables and if they would have done something more here then it would have got a better rating, but it definitely is not a bad game which is the main thing.

I rate Quantic Pinball    6.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Shine Research 

Publisher: Plug In Digital 

Genre: Action/Pinball 

Release Date (Xbox One): February 9, 2018

Price: £3.99/$4.99image (79)

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