Bridge Constructor Portal rating. Xbox One.



  • There is a decent amount of content for you to get to grips with and the best thing is that all the content that’s on offer has a lot of variety present. 
  • The building mechanics in the game work extremely well and the best thing is that they’re simple to understand and never become too overbearing. 
  • Solving puzzles in the game is very fun to do and they allow you a great sense of freedom completing the puzzles, which keeps things fresh and interesting. 
  • The difficulty curve in the game is quite forgiving which means you can enjoy the game without having too many frustrating moments.
  • I absolutely love the portal mechanics in the game and they’ve done a great job of making the portals work extremely well with the bridges etc.


  • Whilst the presentation side of the game isn’t bad I just felt that it lacked in certain areas and it’s a bit hit and miss too much of the time. 
  • The physics in the game can feel a little awkward at times and they don’t always feel as realistic as they should.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I’m actually quite a fan of the Bridge Constructor series and the main reason why I’m a fan is because they get the most important aspects of a game of this ilk spot on, and thankfully that remains the case with Bridge Constructor Portal. Solving puzzles is as fun as ever and in some ways I enjoyed these puzzles even more than in the previous games. They do a great job of keeping everything as simple as possible and that allows the game to have a pleasant difficulty curve. Don’t get me wrong they do offer you some challenging scenarios but I very rarely found myself getting frustrated, which is great. In terms of the mechanics that are present in the game each different mechanic works well and when you combine them together you end up having a fun and very enjoyable experience that holds up really well technically. The physics though could have been a little less fiddly and had a more realistic feel to them, but I was willing to look past that because the building and portal mechanics work so well. The building mechanics are very simple to grasp and they allow you a lot of freedom so you can complete any scenario the way you want to do it, which is great. The same can also be said about the portal mechanics which work together with the other mechanics flawlessly which in turn keeps the game fun throughout. You will be surprised to learn that Bridge Constructor Portal has a lot of content for you to wade through, and I was very surprised by how much variety the content has. Having this variety means the game has quite a lot of replayability and I can find myself revisiting this game quite a few times in the future. In terms of the presentation side of the game I found it to be a little too basic, and whilst it doesn’t do anything seriously wrong I just wanted a little bit more from it. Visually the game looks pretty good but it just feels a bit samey throughout and the accompanying sound design can be a little hit and miss at times. At the end of the day once again the Bridge Constructor series has had another good addition added to it in the way of Bridge Constructor Portal, and for me it’s my favourite game of the series so far. Everything about the game feels solid throughout and completing the different scenarios has never been more fun, and without a doubt what’s on offer here will satisfy a number of different gamers which culminates in me giving the game a massive recommendation.

I rate Bridge Constructor Portal    8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: ClockStone Software

Publisher: Headup Games

Genre: Simulation/Puzzle 

Release Date (Xbox One): February 28, 2018

Price: £11.99/$14.99BridgeConstructorPortalScreen2-min


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