Gravel rating. Xbox One.



  • I thought the presentation side of the game was done really well. Visually the scenery can look great at times and the sound design hits all the right notes. 
  • The tracks and circuits you get to race on have a decent variety to them and the best thing is that there is loads of them for you to get to grips with.
  • There are a ton of vehicles for you to unlock and play with and in my opinion they have done a very good job with each different vehicle. 
  • The racing feels very good and without a doubt the arcade style shines very brightly, which in turn means the racing feels fun throughout.
  • I found the online multiplayer to hold up really well and I never really suffered with any problems here.


  • The career mode in the game may be decent but there just isn’t enough of it, which is a shame.
  • In terms of content the game doesn’t have a huge amount and it is without a doubt lacking when it comes to modes. 
  • There is a distinct lack of realism when racing at times, and this may put some people off.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I absolutely adore arcade racers but unfortunately there hasn’t been too many of them in recent year’s. Gravel has come out to change that and thankfully it’s a very good addition to the genre, and despite it suffering with a few shortcomings it ultimately provides you with some brilliant racing. Racing in the game has a true arcade feel, so don’t expect too much realism because they haven’t gone for that approach. The racing on the whole though is very fun and the best thing is that it feels great whilst also offering you a challenge. In terms of vehicles there is a huge amount for you to get to grips with and each vehicle feels considerably different, which is great. There is a decent array of circuits for you to race on and each circuit is packed full of variety which without a doubt keeps things fresh for a lot longer. Gravel offers you a pretty decent career mode and it can be very enjoyable at times, unfortunately though there just isn’t enough of it and that’s basically the biggest problem with this game. There isn’t enough in terms of content as well and if more modes were added I could see myself playing this game for a very long time because everything else has been done extremely well. They do offer you some online multiplayer offerings and this does give the game some much needed replay value. As far as the online multiplayer goes everything holds up really well and I didn’t suffer with any noticeable problems, which is great. Hopefully they keep adding content and make the online multiplayer bigger because that will without a doubt keep the game relevant for a lot longer. The presentation side of the game is something that tickled my fancy quite a lot. Visually the game can look beautiful at times and the effects when going into water have been done very well. The sound design is also pretty decent and it does more than enough to keep you satisfied. At the end of the day Gravel is a game that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while and thankfully it exceeded my expectations in a way. It may not be perfect and it may be lacking on the content side, but what’s here works well and most important of all it provides you with a true and fun arcade style. Fans of arcade racers will definitely find something they love in Gravel and with me being a fan of arcade racers I appreciate the effort that’s gone into the game and I hope Gravel gets bigger and bigger.

I rate Gravel   8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Milestone S.r.l

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l/Koch Media/Square Enix

Genre: Arcade/Racing

Release Date (Xbox One): February 27, 2018

Price: £44.99/$49.99Gravel-RIL1

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