Way of the Passive Fist rating. Xbox One.



  • The presentation side of the game was something I really enjoyed and the retro vibe fuses together with a modern touch extremely well. 
  • I loved the combat that was present in the game. Each different element works together really well which makes the combat both fun and challenging.
  • There is a decent amount of variety when it comes to the enemies you face and the best thing is that each enemy has a different move-set.
  • As you progress you obtain plenty of unlockables and upgrades and there is a decent variety here which gives the game some replayability. 
  • Building up combos is extremely fun and when you pull off your special moves it really does give you a great feeling of reward and that’s very satisfying.


  • The boss battles were frustrating at times and whilst they were very creative they didn’t always hit the mark.
  • In terms of content there isn’t enough for you to get to grips with and that’s a shame because the content that is here has been done extremely well.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I absolutely love arcade brawlers and whenever I think about them they give me some warm memories because they served a great deal of enjoyment to me during my youth. I must admit that Way of the Passive Fist is a game I didn’t know much about, but after playing it for quite a while I absolutely loved it because it provided a lot of retro moments combined with a modern touch, which is great. The combat which is obviously the main aspect of a game like this has been done extremely well and it carries with it an addictive side to it. The main reason why it was addictive is because the enemies you face have a lot if variety going for them which definitely stops the game from becoming tedious. Each enemy has their own little quirks and that makes the game stand out quite considerably. The boss battles in the game also stand out and when you get the hang of the bosses you do find them enjoyable, but I did have a few frustrating moments with them and I didn’t think there were as good as the other enemies. I will say though that building up combos against them was an incredible amount of fun and when you eventually perform a special move against them you get a very satisfied feeling and also a great deal of reward comes from it as well. Speaking of rewards there are a great deal of unlockables and upgrades for you to obtain and each unlockable and upgrade plays a great part in the game so getting them is worth it and this without a doubt gives the game a lot of replayability. The game needs this added replayability because in terms of content there isn’t much for you to get to grips with which is a shame because I absolutely love the content that is present in the game. The presentation of the game ticked a lot of boxes for me and to say I enjoyed it would be a massive understatement. Visually the game has a lovely retro look to it and is packed full of colour. The sound design also has a retro flavour to it and when you combine it with the visuals it makes the gameplay even more fun and addictive. At the end of the day Way of the Passive Fist was an absolute blast to play and I must admit I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. All the main elements work together flawlessly and the added retro flavour to it makes the game accessible to a whole host of different gamers out there, and when it’s all said and done it gets a very big recommendation from me.

I rate Way of the Passive Fist    8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Household Games

Publisher: Household Games 

Genre: Action/Beat-‘Em-Up 

Release Date (Xbox One): March 7, 2018

Price: £11.99/$14.99Dodge1160

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