Scribblenauts Showdown rating. Xbox One.



  • There is a decent variety of mini-games for you to get to grips with and the best thing is that most of the mini-games are fun and enjoyable.
  • In terms of content the game has quite a lot for you to be getting on with and that means the game has quite a lot of replayability present. 
  • The Sandbox mode is a great deal of fun and playing with a friend makes things even better because the classic gameplay shines through even brighter. 
  • I absolutely loved the presentation side of the game and that was mainly because the wacky visuals and sound design make things become even more fun. 


  • Unfortunately I found the controls to be a little on the awkward side at times and they didn’t always feel responsive.
  • Whilst there is a decent amount of content for you to sink your teeth into I still think the price of the game is a little too high.
  • I would have liked to have seen a few more mini-games present in the game because that would have made things stay fresher for longer.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I’m a huge of the Scribblenauts games and to say it’s given me and my friends many enjoyable moments over the years would be a massive understatement, so as you can imagine I was looking forward to Scribblenauts Showdown quite a lot. Thankfully it scratched my itch quite well and whilst it may not be the best game the series has ever seen I still had a great time with the game. Obviously the main aspect of the Scribblenauts games are the fun puzzles and mini-games, and thankfully they’ve done these very well. Each mini-game is wacky and most importantly fun, but I would however have liked to have seen a few more mini-games added because you go through the ones that are on offer quite quickly. In terms of content though the game has a good amount for you to be getting on with and it will keep you coming back for more time and time again. I will say though that despite the amount of replayability it has I do think that the game is a little overpriced and this definitely may put some people off. Without a doubt my favourite thing about Scribblenauts Showdown was the Sandbox mode. Fans of the Scribblenauts games will no doubt enjoy this mode the most because it features the classic gameplay that we’re all used to. This mode can be enjoyed alone or with a friend, but in my opinion it shines its brightest when played with a friend and when played this way you will have a lot of fond memories flooding back to you. As you progress through the game you will notice though that the controls do feel a little awkward at certain points and I know for a fact that they didn’t always remain responsive, so hopefully they sort this out with a little patch. The presentation side of the game hit all the right notes for me and it keeps the classic formula that fans of the series love and adore. Visually the game is packed full of colour and wackiness from the get go and the accompanying sound design combines brilliantly with the visuals giving the game an extra layer of fun. At the end of the day Scribblenauts Showdown makes me remember why I love the series so much, and whilst it has a few shortcomings here and there fans of the game will no doubt get more than enough that satisfies them here. If you’ve never played a Scribblenauts game before then Scribblenauts Showdown is the perfect place to start because the fun and enjoyability levels can be off the charts at times and the best thing is that it will have you returning back to the game multiple times, I would however wait till it goes down in price a little before purchasing.

I rate Scribblenauts Showdown    7.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Shiver Entertainment 

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive 

Genre: Action/Puzzle 

Release Date (Xbox One): March 6 & 9, 2018

Price: £34.99/$39.99ScribblenautsReview5

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