Spiral Splatter rating. Xbox One.



  • There are plenty of levels for you to get to grips with and there is a decent amount of variety within the levels, which in turn keeps things fresh and interesting.
  • I found the presentation side of the game to be done quite while and I enjoyed it even though it was minamilist in design.
  • They do a very good job of keeping the frustration levels down and they do this by allowing you to instantly restart the level after you die. 
  • The controls held up throughout my time with the game and this meant movement remained fluid and responsive at all times.


  • Unfortunately the game doesn’t have much replay value, so once you complete the game you’re highly unlikely to return back to the game.
  • The difficulty curve can spike out of nowhere at times and this can frustrate you, so expect to die a lot on certain levels.
  • It doesn’t offer anything new in the puzzle genre and without a doubt you have seen many games like this over the years. 


Final Thoughts:

All in all there is an abundance of puzzle game’s for you to get to grips with and in my opinion the genre is a little saturated, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying playing a good puzzle game every now and then. The new addition to the puzzle genre is Spiral Splatter and whilst it isn’t anything special I still enjoyed what was on offer in the game. The levels that are present in the game have actually been done quite while and that’s mainly because they have a great deal of variety within them. Unfortunately whilst there is quite a lot of levels for you to enjoy it still doesn’t make the game have much replay value, so once you complete it there isn’t really any reason to return. If you don’t like games where you die often then Spiral Splatter isn’t for you and it isn’t made any easier because the difficulty seems to spike out of nowhere at times. They do combat this by offering you an instant respawn when you die so the frustration levels don’t build up too much, which was a relief. The controls which are very important in a game like this pleased me a great deal. They never once failed me and most important of all they remained fluid and responsive throughout which meant if you die it’s down to you and you alone. The length of the game is perfect in my opinion, but I definitely would have liked a few more modes included and in my opinion they’ve missed a trick here. The main problem I think the game has is that it doesn’t do anything to stand out from the rest of the puzzle game’s out there. Yes what’s on offer is fun and enjoyable, but without a doubt the action you see is action you’ve seen many times before, it is however very reasonably priced which is a bonus. The presentation side of the game is very simple yet very effective at the same time. Visually the game stands out quite well and everything is crisp, and when you combine that with the simple sound design you find that it complements the gameplay quite well. At the end of the day fans of puzzle games will find something here that tickles their fancy and they get the mechanics pretty much spot on, which is always good. If you’re not a fan of puzzle games though then there is nothing here that will make you become a fan because it’s pretty much the same as all the other puzzle games that are littered everywhere. That being said Spiral Splatter does just enough to get a recommendation from me because it gets quite a bit right and it’s priced perfectly for what you get.

I rate Spiral Splatter    6.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Neonchimp Games

Publisher: Sometimes You 

Genre: Puzzle 

Release Date (Xbox One): March 13, 2018

Price: £3.99/$4.99screen_1920x1080_2015-11-21_14-31-15-1024x576

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