Extinction rating. Xbox One.



  • The enemies that you face in the game have been designed really well and each enemy feels completely different from the other because there’s lots of variety.
  • I really enjoyed the combat elements in the game and each move you can do feels powerful and most important of all the moves are fun when you pull them off.
  • Whilst the story may not be perfect I actually found it to hold my interest for the most part and some of the cut-scenes have been done really well.
  • The difficulty curve is perfect for all gamers and they do a very good job of easing you in at a nice friendly pace.


  • Unfortunately the game suffers with quite a few technical issues and some of these issues can be very frustrating.
  • The missions in the game can become repetetive quite quickly and the lack of variety means they do end up becoming tedious as well.
  • I wasn’t a massive fan of the presentation side of the game and that was mainly because everything looks and sounds dated.
  • The world in which the game takes place feels bland a lot of the time.


Final Thoughts:

All in all Extinction is a game that I’ve been keeping a close eye on over the last few months and it was a game that I was looking forward to because it did have a unique feel to it. Unfortunately though the game has too many problems and whilst it does have quite a few good points as well it never reaches its full potential because certain issues hold it back quite considerably. When it comes to the combat though I think they get this aspect of the game spot on. The enemies that you come across have lots of variety going for them and tackling them can be a huge amount of fun. I think the main reason why tackling enemies was fun is because the combat elements in the game feel like they pack a punch and because of this taking down an enemy can be extremely satisfying. Unfortunately the world in which the combat takes place is a little on the bland side and in my opinion it just doesn’t feel alive and that does make exploring a little boring. Another reason why the world doesn’t come alive is because the missions that are present in the world are very repetetive and they grow stale quite quickly which means tackling them can feel like a chore a lot of the time. Thankfully though the missions do have a decent story that accompany them and this did make me want to carry on with them but it didn’t hide all of the problems. The most annoying problems that persist are the technichal issues the game suffers with and these issues never seem to go away. They try to keep the frustration levels down by offering a decent difficulty curve but you forget about this quite quickly because the technichal side of the game just annoys you and that’s all you remember in the end, which is a shame. The presentation side of the game disappointed me a great deal and to say I wanted more from it would be a massive understatement. The visuals and sound design just lacked the wow factor and everything about this aspect of the game just felt dated, which in turn harmed the immersion levels somewhat. At the end of the day I can see quite a lot of people being quite disappointed with Extinction and I understand why because a game that is priced quite excessively shouldn’t have as many problems as it does. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the worst game I’ve ever played before and it does provide you with some very enjoyable moments at times, but these enjoyable moments are often littered with technichal issues and these issues harm the fun factor quite a lot. Unfortunately I can’t fully recommend Extinction to you at this time and I would definitely recommend that you wait until it lowers in price before getting it. 

I rate Extinction    6/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios

Publisher: Modus Games 

Genre: Action Adventure 

Release Date (Xbox One): April 10, 2018

Price: £54.99/$59.99extinction-review-grapple



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