Robocraft Infinity rating. Xbox One.



  • The game has an almost endless amount of replayability and it will no doubt bring you enjoyable and satisfying moments for a very long time.
  • I really enjoyed the gameplay when it got into full flow and I was very impressed by how balanced the gameplay felt at all times.
  • There is a huge amount of variety and a great deal of freedom when creating your robot and the best thing is that you can literally build any type of robot.
  • I was glad that the game made everything feel simple and by doing this it kept the frustration levels down and I never got bogged down with details. 


  • Whilst the presentation side of the game doesn’t do too much wrong I found it to be a little too basic and nothing much really stands out here.
  • The game suffers with quite a few technichal issues and these issues can be very frustrating especially when you’re in the middle of a battle.
  • There are too many micro-transactions and the best items require a huge amount of a grind to get them.


Final Thoughts:

All in all Robocraft Infinity interested me from the moment it was first announced and that was mainly because it looked like a game you could enjoy in multiple ways. After putting in a number of hours in the game I did have quite a few enjoyable moments along the way, but I must admit that the problems it has does hold the game back somewhat. It does however get more things right than it gets wrong and the amount of replayability is almost endless. You could literally sink hundreds of hours into this game and still keep coming back for more so they’ve got this aspect of the game spot on. The more you play though the more issues you will bump into, and whilst none of these technichal issues are game-breaking they will however still make you become frustrated from time to time. Thankfully the simplicity of the game eases this frustration. I was very pleased that they didn’t make the controls too complicated and by keeping things simple and not bogging you down with unnecessary details this in turn makes the game accessible to gamers of all ages. Another thing a lot of different gamers will like is the amount of variety there is when building your robot. You can literally make your robot look like anything and there is a great deal of fun to be had when creating your robot. Unfortunately though some of the best items are hidden behind paywalls and this will no doubt be off-putting for some. Micro-transactions are not the most loved thing in the world at the moment and I think they lean a little heavy on these transactions. There is a way to earn these items without paying for them, but in order to get them this way you will have to grind for a considerable time which can make things become tedious quite quickly. Thankfully the gameplay doesn’t become tedious at all and in my opinion they’ve got the balance spot on here. Everything flows very well when in battle and most important of all it’s a huge amount of fun most of the time. The presentation side of the game that accompanies the gameplay is unfortunately a little on the dull side though. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t do much wrong here the main problem is that nothing much stands out in terms of the visuals and sound design, and I just wanted a little bit more from this aspect of the game. At the end of the day despite its shortcomings I still ended up having a blast on Robocraft Infinity and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow over the coming months. This game won’t be for everybody, but if you like designing robots with a lot of freedom then you will find a lot of enjoyment here. I would have loved to give the game a higher score but its problems stop me from doing that, but that doesn’t stop me from giving the game a thumbs up.

I rate Robocraft Infinity    7/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Freejam

Publisher: Freejam

Genre: Action/Shooter 

Release Date (Xbox One): April 11, 2018

Price: £14.99/$19.99apps.52177.14072545359171144.d92889af-015b-4c02-8aa0-d548af0af87f

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