Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast rating. Xbox One.



  • Whilst the presentation side of the game is nothing spectacular I actually found it to be quite charming and I think it enhances the gameplay somewhat.
  • Insulting people can be really fun at times and there is a good variety when it comes to which insults you can use in the game.
  • I did enjoy the game a little when playing on my own but this game is more fun and best enjoyed when played with a friend, especially if you’re at a party. 
  • This game is in the rare breed category of game’s because it’s original and in a way very unique, so there is some fun to be had with this game.


  • If played for long periods the game can get tedious quite quickly so I would recommend playing the game in short bursts.
  • In terms of content there isn’t a great deal for you to get to grips with and it will only take you a couple of hours to see most of the content.
  • For me the characters aren’t as creative as in the previous game which means they’re not as interesting as well.


Final Thoughts:

All in all have you ever really wanted to insult anyone really badly? Well now you can and guess what you can get away with it as well. Insulting characters is what this game is built on and I must admit that I enjoyed the first game quite a bit, so I did have some interest in Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast. Thankfully this game has followed the same formula as the original game and whilst it suffers with a few shortcomings I did end up having quite a bit of fun at times. Obviously the main aim of the game is to insult the character you’re playing against and you can make the insults as wacky as you want as long as you make sure you get decent points for it. There is quite a bit of variety when it comes to the insults you can use and whilst the game can be enjoyable when played on your own this game is without a doubt best played with a friend. The main reason why it’s best played with a friend is because it gets repetetive much quicker when playing alone. I would however still recommend that you play this game for short bursts even when playing with a friend because there isn’t much to the gameplay apart from insults so you will get bored quite quickly when playing it for long periods. The game also has the problem of not having a lot of content either and basically you will be able to get through most of the content in just a couple of hours. Thankfully though the content that is here is very original and unique and obviously apart from the previous game these are really the only game’s where the way to win is by insulting them. This game would be perfect at party’s and I know a few of my friends who’ve actually played the first game at party’s and they told me it went down a treat. My biggest gripe with this game is probably that the characters aren’t as interesting as in the first game and in the end the lack of creativity can be a little bit noticeable. Thankfully though the creativity isn’t much of a problem at all when it comes to the presentation side of the game. Don’t get me wrong this aspect of the game isn’t perfect but I enjoyed it quite a bit because both the visuals and sound design have quite a bit of charm going for them. At the end of the day if you liked the first Oh…Sir! Then you will also have a lot of fun with this new instalment. Unfortunately though if you didn’t like the first game then you won’t find anything new here that will make you start liking the series. That being said I do like these titles so it does just enough to get a recommendation from me.

I rate Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast    6.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Vile Monarch 

Publisher: Vile Monarch 

Genre: Simulation/Comedy

Release Date (Xbox One): June 1, 2018

Price: £3.99/$4.99Hollywood_Brexit

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