Vampyr rating. Xbox One.



  • I was drawn into the dark and mysterious story quite quickly and it remained interesting throughout thanks to the fantastic characters that are in the story. 
  • The combat in the game is pretty decent and has quite a bit of variety and even when it felt a little bit sluggish it still remained fun because of this. 
  • On the whole the gameplay is pretty enjoyable and I must admit that investigating never grew dull and the choices you make actually feel like they matter.
  • Whilst the game isn’t the best in terms of the visuals the sound design has been done very well and it delivers a very tense and thrilling atmosphere.
  • The world in which the game takes place was fun to explore and there always seems to be something to do thanks to the interesting side quests.


  • Visually the game can look really ugly at times and the technichal issues don’t help the visual side of the game either.
  • Whilst making choices in the game actually matter I would’ve liked a little bit more freedom when making them. 
  • The compass was frustrating because it never seemed to work properly.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I love anything to do with vampires and I’ve been that way ever since I was a child, so as you can imagine Vampyr piqued my interest from the moment it was first announced. Thankfully Vampyr ticks a lot of boxes for me and even though it has a few shortcomings I was able to look past these because for me they got the important aspects and mechanics spot on. Something I was hoping this game had was a decent story, and thankfully the story was excellent. I was hooked from start to finish because the story had a dark and mysterious vibe that resonated throughout and the characters that were in the story were very intriguing to say the least. I was also very impressed with the world in which the game takes place because exploring this fantastic world never became dull. The main reason why it didn’t become dull is because there was always something to do and the side quests were always fun to undertake, which is great. The gameplay on the whole has a lot of variety going for it and the investigating mechanics have been very well done. Investigating never seemed to get boring and it was always a pleasure making the choices you have to make in the game because these choices actually matter in the grand scheme of things. Whilst I really enjoyed making the choices I had to make it would’ve been nice to have had a little bit more freedom with them, but thankfully this is only a small gripe. My biggest gripe with this game came in the form of the compass that guides you to where you’re meant to go. The problem is that the compass never guided me to where I had to go correctly and this did make me become frustrated from time to time. Despite my frustration with this aspect of the game I was however able to look past it quite easily thanks to the game’s excellent combat. The combat in the game was fun to say the least and the best thing is that it did more than enough to satisfy me. If you’re wondering about the presentation side of the game then you’ll be pleased to know that they get quite a bit right, but it’s not all plain sailing. Visually the game can look quite ugly at times and there is definitely a distinct lack of polish here, especially when it comes to the technichal side of the game. The sound design though has been done extremely well and the very good voice acting combined with the tense atmosphere makes things very immersive, which is great. At the end of the day as far as AA game’s go Vampyr is a very good addition and even though it doesn’t have all the glamour a AAA title has I thoroughly recommend that you add this title to your game library.

I rate Vampyr   8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Dontnod Entertainment 

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive 

Genre: Action RPG

Release Date (Xbox One): June 5, 2018

Price: £49.99/$59.99Vampyr-xbox-one-ps4-pc-review-1130x636

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