Omega Strike rating. Xbox One.



  • I really enjoyed the presentation side of the game and I thought the visuals and sound design worked well together, which in turn made things more fun.
  • Battling enemies in the game never seems to get boring and that’s mainly because each enemy you face has a decent amount of variety present.
  • The gameplay has the perfect balance of being fun and challenging at the same time and I very rarely got frustrated during my time with the game.
  • Everything about the gameplay feels fluid at all times and that’s thanks to the easy to learn and very responsive controls that have been implemented.
  • There is more than enough content to keep you satisfied for quite a while and traversing the map felt rewarding at all times.


  • Whilst the content that’s here is very good there isn’t really anything unique about it and you’ve probably seen this style of gameplay many times before.
  • There is a lot of backtracking required in the game and sometimes backtracking feels pointless because there’s not enough rewards when doing it.


Final Thoughts:

All in all Omega Strike was a game I was very eager to try out because I’ve heard a lot of good things from a few friends of mine who’ve played it on PC. Thankfully I can see why they enjoyed it so much because as far as metroidvania’s go it’s a pretty decent addition to the genre and to say I enjoyed my time with the game would be a massive understatement. One thing that’s really important for me when it comes to a metroidvania is variety, and thankfully Omega Strike has a lot of variety in a number of areas. One of the most noticeable aspects of the game that has an abundance of variety is the enemies you come across in the game. Each enemy reacts and does things differently and each boss battle was very exciting, which in turn meant that I very rarely got bored during my time with the game. This is a good thing because in terms of content the game has quite a bit for you to get to grips with and on the whole the content is very good. I would however have liked a few unique ideas thrown into the mix every now and then because I’ve seen this style of gameplay many times before, but this thankfully is only a very small gripe and I was easily able to look past its lack of uniqueness thanks to its very good gameplay. One of my favourite things about Omega Strike’s gameplay was the fact that it was both fun and challenging at the same time. The challenge also doesn’t get too much as well so frustration never rears its ugly head very often if not at all, which is great. I think the main thing that keeps the frustration levels at bay is how fluid the game feels throughout. The game never gets too complicated and the easy to pick up and play style doesn’t confuse you so you can just focus on the action that’s taking place on the screen without worrying about any cheap deaths. I do however have another small gripe and that is that you’re required to do quite a bit of backtracking and that can be a bit of a nuisance from time to time. Thankfully though the backtracking isn’t too much of a problem thanks to the presentation side of the game. Visually the game has a retro feel to it but it also has a modern touch to it as well and when you combine these visuals with the good sound design they end up making you have even more of a fun and immersive experience. At the end of the day if you’re a fan of the metroidvania style then you will thoroughly enjoy what Omega Strike has to offer. I would even recommend this game to people who only have a slight interest in metroidvania’s because they get the most important aspects of this style of game spot on.

I rate Omega Strike   8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Stage Clear Studios/Woblyware 

Publisher: Digerati Distribution 

Genre: Action/Platformer 

Release Date (Xbox One): June 15, 2018

Price: £9.59/$11.99ss_a3fcea1363d3682bfd9fbb917d39e10b0bbbb2e1.600x338

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