Jurassic World Evolution rating. Xbox One.



  • I really enjoyed the presentation side of the game and without a doubt the visuals and sound design enhance the gameplay that the game delivers to you.
  • There is a huge amount of content for you to get to grips with and the best thing is that the content is varied and will keep you satisfied and invested for ages.
  • The gameplay on the whole has been done extremely well and the management side of the game never seems to become dull or tedious.
  • Each different mechanic that’s present in the game works flawlessly quite a lot of the time and they all combine together perfectly.
  • If you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park series then you will be pleased with the amount of detail and options that are included in the game.


  • The difficulty curve can be a problem at times and the high difficulty seems to come out of nowhere quite quickly. 
  • A fast forward option would’ve been a nice addition because doing certain tasks cab take quite a while to complete.


Final Thoughts:

All in all the Jurassic Park franchise is a franchise that I adore and without a doubt the film’s are up there with some of my most favourite films of all time. Business management games is also a genre that I adore as well so as you can imagine I was looking forward to Jurassic World Evolution quite a lot and thankfully these two very different items work together in perfect harmony and to say I’m addicted to this game is a massive understatement. The good thing is that I can see myself being addicted to this game for some time to come because in terms of content the game has huge amount for you to sink your teeth into and the best thing is that the content that’s available to you has a decent amount of variety present so boredom won’t be happening anytime soon. The gameplay has a lot of attention to detail and the management aspect of the game has been done to perfection. In fact each different mechanic in the game has been done to perfection and when they all combine together the fun factor is off the charts. You will however have to get used to the difficulty curve in the game because at times it can cause you a few problems, but as you progress and get used to certain methods the difficulty curve does thankfully start to ease a little bit. The game also helps you get used to the difficulty curve quite a bit as well and they do this by including an array of options for you to use. You can literally manage everything in this game and each option plays an important part in the running of your park so the immersion levels are really high throughout your time with the game. They also do a very good job of keeping things simple as well and not once did I feel overwhelmed which is rare in a game of this ilk. I never once got bored doing the various tasks in the game thanks to the excellent way they’ve used the Jurrasic Park franchise. I would however have liked a fast forward option because doing certain tasks can take a while which means progression is a little on the slow side. Thankfully though I was easily able to look past this because the presentation side of the game makes you forget about the slow pace of completing certain tasks. Visually the dinosaurs look great and you can tell that a lot of thought and effort has gone into key areas. I was also impressed with the sound design in the game as well and when both the visuals and sound design combine together they create a true Jurassic Park feel. At the end of the day as far as management sim’s go Jurassic World Evolution is a fantastic addition to the genre. It has a huge amount of depth and content for you to get to grips with and the best thing is that this content and depth never gets boring and remains fun for many hours. 

I rate Jurassic World Evolution   8.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Frontier Developments 

Publisher: Frontier Developments 

Genre: Strategy/Management 

Release Date (Xbox One): June 12, 2018

Price: £49.99/$59.99JurassicWorldEvo-IL3

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