Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered rating. Xbox One.

1 (4)


  • There is lots of content for you to get to grips with and I have no doubt that fans of the series will be satisfied with what’s on offer to them again. 
  • The presentation side of the game has seen some significant improvements in both the visuals and sound design and this does makes things more immersive.
  • Even though I’ve played the game before the gameplay is still a great amount of fun and destroying buildings still gives you a rush. 
  • I really enjoyed the missions in the game because you can complete them how you want to complete them and they all have a decent amount of variety present.
  • The AI in the game provides you with a real challenge which in turn meant it was very satisfying and rewarding defeating them.


  • Unfortunately the game suffers with quite a few technichal issues and these issues can harm the immersion levels somewhat.
  • The shooting mechanics haven’t aged very well and quite a lot of time I thought the gun battles felt a little awkward to say the least.


Final Thoughts:

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Red Faction: Guerrilla back in 2009 and it was without a doubt one of my favourite game’s that year. I think the main reason why I enjoyed it so much is because it wasn’t like other game’s and it definitely offered quite a lot of uniqueness throughout its very good open-world. It didn’t however get the justice it deserved back in 2009 so when I found out it was getting remastered I must admit I was a little surprised. That being said I’m glad it did get remastered because it means people who haven’t played it before can enjoy what this game has to offer, and trust me it has plenty to offer. In terms of content the game has a huge amount for you to sink your teeth into and I was very pleased to see that all the DLC was included in this nice little package. You’ll be pleased to know then that the content is as fun as ever and if you played the original game you will once again be satisfied with the gameplay because blowing things up still feels exhilarating. Unfortunately though you will have to deal with quite a few technichal issues along the way and in my opinion a patch is definitely needed because the issues can impact on your immersive experience every now and then. Fortunately though I was able to look past these issues in the end and that’s mainly down to the missions you can undertake in the game. Each mission in the game has a decent amount of variety present in them and I really liked being able to complete certain missions how I wanted to complete them. Another thing I was impressed with is how challenging the AI is. The AI can be a real pain at times but that just made me more determined to defeat the enemies in the game and the best thing is that defeating them always felt satisfying and rewarding. You will however have to get used to the game’s shooting mechanics because this mechanic feels quite dated and for the most part this makes them feel a little awkward which can be problematic at times. One of my favourite aspects of the game is the significant improvents that have been made to the game’s presentation. Both the visuals and sound design have seen quite a lot of improvement and in a way it makes it have more of a modern feel which in turn makes the game even more immersive. At the end of the day Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is a pretty decent remaster and even if you played the game back in 2009 I still recommend that you purchase the game again because it has enough improvents to warrant another purchase. If you’ve never played the game before then I recommend that you play this version of it because when it’s all said and done it does enough to be good competition to today’s modern offerings. 

I rate Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered    8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Kaiko

Publisher: THQ Nordic 

Genre: Action/Shooter 

Release Date (Xbox One): July 3, 2018

Price: £23.99/$29.998 (1)

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