Doughlings: Arcade rating. Xbox One.


What I liked:

  • There’s colour packed throughout the visuals and the accompanying sound design combines well with these visuals making the gameplay more fun. 
  • In terms of content the game has a decent amount for you to be getting on with and I’m pleased to say that there is also a decent amount of replayability present as well.
  • Technically the game holds up really well throughout your playthrough and the controls thankfully remain tight and responsive as well. 
  • The gameplay is a huge amount of fun and the easy to pick up and play style combined with the different mechanics means repetetiveness isn’t an issue. 
  • I was very surprised by the game’s story because I must admit that I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. 

What I didn’t like:

  • Whilst I enjoyed the sound design it would’ve been nice if there was a little more in terms of variety when it came to the music in the game.
  • This is only a small gripe but I thought the game was a little on the easy side and it would’ve been nice to have been seriously challenged from time to time.


Does Doughlings: Arcade do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all Doughlings: Arcade is an absolute blast to play and without a doubt this is a game I can see myself revisiting time and time again. It’s a game that keeps everything simple which in turn makes itself accessible to a number of different gamers and this of course means everybody can enjoy what this game has to offer. In terms of issues the game doesn’t have too many at all and when it’s all said and done it gets far more things right than it gets wrong which means you can enjoy this fun and relaxing brick breaking style game for many hours without basically suffering with any frustration, which is very rare when it comes to a game of this ilk.

I rate Doughlings: Arcade    8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Hero Concept

Publisher: Hero Concept 

Genre: Action Adventure/Arcade 

Release Date (Xbox One): August 3, 2018ss_11f5e0b5014268cce2761e82475e297962d05bda.600x338

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