Energy Cycle Edge rating. Xbox One.


What I liked:

  • I enjoyed the simple style they went with when it came to the presentation side of the game because both the visuals and sound design aren’t too overpowering.
  • In terms of content there is a decent amount for you to get to grips with and with 40 puzzles to complete you do get good value for your money.
  • There’s no time limits present when trying to complete the puzzles so you can chop and change as much as you want until you find the correct way to complete each puzzle. 

What I didn’t like:

  • There are no tutorials present in the game which made things very frustrating at the start.
  • The difficulty of the game gets overbearing way too quickly and this does make the fun factor dwindle dramatically.
  • It gets repetetive and annoying very quickly so I recommend that you play the game in short bursts.
  • This game won’t be for everybody and only puzzle fans will probably only enjoy this. 
  • Unfortunately the game just isn’t fun and in the end it pretty much becomes a chore to play. 


Does Energy Cycle Edge do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all Energy Cycle may have been a short experience that lacked in terms of being challenging but it still carried some fun with it which for me is very important in a puzzle game. Unfortunately the new addition to the series Energy Cycle Edge doesn’t follow that same concept and in the end it just ends up becoming a chore to play because of this. The game isn’t helped further as well due to the very overbearing difficulty and all the high difficulty seems to do is frustrate you greatly, which isn’t recommended when it comes to a puzzle game. They do try to combat this though by not including a time limit but in my opinion this doesn’t seem to ease the frustration much. This is a shame because in terms of content there is a decent amount for you to get to grips with and you do get good value for your money, but the repetetiveness and lack of tutorials makes you think that you don’t get good value for your money and in the end that’s all you remember. At the end of the day then recommending Energy Cycle Edge is quite difficult because it just has too many shortcomings and anything it does get right is quickly forgotten which in turn means the game just isn’t fun enough to hold your attention.

I rate Energy Cycle Edge      5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Sometimes You 

Publisher: Sometimes You 

Genre: Puzzle 

Release Date (Xbox One): December 5th, 2018

Price: £4.19/$4.99apps.14820.13840838901182240.265cbb3e-b1e7-4605-aa74-42f4be9ffa3f-1280x719

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