Void Vikings rating. Xbox One.


What I liked:

  • The presentation side of the game captures the atmosphere the game is trying to create really well which did make the gameplay more immersive.
  • It does have a couple of interesting and in some ways unique concepts present in the gameplay which can make you forget about the shortcomings at times.
  • Technically the game held up really well for the most part and the easy to pick up and play style meant learning what to do in space wasn’t too much of a problem.

What I didn’t like:

  • I was a little disappointed with the game’s story because it has no depth whatsoever and the story it did have wasn’t really interesting. 
  • If played for long periods then you will get bored quite quickly because the gameplay does get quite repetetive after a short while.
  • The difficulty can spike out of nowhere at times which means defeating enemies in space can be a bit of an ordeal.
  • Whilst there are a decent variety of ships for you to use in order to get these ships you’re required to do lots and lots of grinding which isn’t fun. 


Does Void Vikings do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all the shoot-em-up genre has delivered many memorable moments for me over the years and my favourite shoot-em-up’s are definitely those that feature a space setting, so I was very eager to get to grips with Void Vikings. As mentioned earlier I like a space setting so I was pleased to see that this atmosphere was evident in both the visuals and sound design, but unfortunately this setting doesn’t make you overcome the shortcomings this game has and whilst the unique concepts the game delivers does make you forget about them every now and then they do ultimately come back to the surface in the end. From grinding to the difficulty spikes you end up getting frustrated and ultimately bored quite quickly and this is a shame because the gameplay does have a little bit of variety within it. This though doesn’t stop it from being repetetive and after a short while things do become a little tedious and the story does nothing to solve this due to its lack of depth. At the end of the day then whilst Void Vikings does have some good points and it can be fun in short bursts it just has too many little niggling problems that let it down. Don’t get me wrong though there are far worse game’s in the genre and some may enjoy this game but despite this Void Vikings still just doesn’t do enough to get a recommendation from me, which is a shame.

I rate Void Vikings    5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Ugly Beard Games, LLC

Publisher: Ugly Beard Games, LLC

Genre: Action/Shooter 

Release Date (Xbox One): January 11, 2019

Price: £4.19/$4.99ss_5365c470edf0a571750a7f14df393c023116f115.600x338

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