Astroneer rating. Xbox One.


What I liked:

  • The presentation side of the game gives off a relaxing atmosphere the whole way through which means both the visuals and sound design have tons of charm.
  • Exploring the different planets in the game always felt rewarding and this was a big reason why I returned back to the game time and time again.
  • I really enjoyed the crafting elements in the game because they never became bogged down by details and the simplicity made these elements very addictive.
  • I really enjoyed how the game allowed me to express myself because this freedom meant that the gameplay stood out more for me. 
  • When the online co-op works then it gives the game even more in terms of depth and it’s definitely more fun when played this way. 

What I didn’t like:

  • There are a few technichal issues that you have to put up with every now and then but thankfully I was able to look past these issues. 
  • It can be a little frustrating every now and then especially if you’ve been searching for a specific part for a while. 


Does Astroneer do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all as you probably already know I’m a big fan of the Xbox Game Preview program and I’ve watched a lot of games grow in this program. Astroneer however is a game I haven’t watched grow but I’ve heard many good things about it so I was eager to get to grips with it. Thankfully the good things I’ve heard about this game are spot on and I urge anybody who likes space exploration to get the game immediately because exploring the diverse planets will no doubt thrill you because exploration is always rewarding. Another aspect of the game that always feels rewarding is the crafting elements in the game because they never become too complicated and for me the simplistic style of these elements kept me coming back for more time and time again. Technically the game is pretty good for the most part but it isn’t perfect and you will bump into a few issues along the way. Thankfully though I was easily able to look past these issues thanks to the amount of freedom the game allows you to have and you forget about them even more when the online offerings work. At the end of of the day then for me Astroneer is definitely up there with the best space exploration games because not only is it simple to grasp and very rewarding but it also creates a very relaxing atmosphere that’s well worth experiencing and this means that the game does more than enough to get a thumbs up from me.

I rate Astroneer      8.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: System Era Softworks 

Publisher: System Era Softworks 

Genre: Action Adventure 

Release Date (Xbox One): February 6, 2019

Price: £23.74/$29.99ss_63402300a9d8f1eff80a3034b872995db03158ab.600x338

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