Beat Cop rating. Xbox One.


What I liked:

  • They’ve captured the 1980s style extremely well and both the visuals and sound design enhance the gameplay in several areas because of this.
  • The story is not only packed with humour but it’s also interesting as well and each of the different endings has been done extremely well.
  • There’s a decent amount of puzzles for you to get to grips with and the variety within them means completing them never becomes dull or boring.
  • Getting the hang of the mechanics doesn’t take long and the easy to pick up and play style means you can return back to the game without too many problems.
  • Whilst the number of duties you undertake can be a little overbearing at times they do ease you in gently at first. 

What I didn’t like:

  • There is a tutorial for you to get to grips with but I would’ve liked it to have been fleshed out a little more because it does miss some details.
  • More variety in the missions would’ve been nice because the gameplay can be a little repetetive because of this.


Does Beat Cop do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all Beat Cop is a game I knew quite a bit about before getting to grips with it and judging by my friends reports it’s a game I was sure to enjoy and thankfully that was exactly the case. Police games are very few and far between so in a way Beat Cop is kinda unique and whilst the gameplay doesn’t have a ton of depth to it I still found myself very rarely getting bored. The story also helped keep boredom at bay because not only is it funny but it’s also interesting as well and with the added bonus of multiple endings the game’s story gives you a reason to return back to the game. Returning to it wasn’t a chore either because there’s a number of interesting mechanics in play at the same time and enough puzzles to keep you occupied for the most part. I would however have liked a little more variety included when it came to the missions and a more in-depth tutorial would’ve been nice, but other than that the game doesn’t have too many problems and instead it offers you a ton of fun and enjoyable moments due to the duties you can undertake and the easy to pick up and play style that’s featured. At the end of the day then if you’ve ever wanted to be an 80’s cop with a very 80’s presentation included then Beat Cop is perfect for you and in the end it was perfect for me because it never took itself too seriously and it offered you a fun adventure throughout.

I rate Beat Cop     8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Pixel Crow/Crunching Koalas 

Publisher: 11 bit studios 

Genre: Action/Career 

Release Date (Xbox One): March 5, 2019

Price: £12.49/$14.99beat-cop-xbox-one

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