Driving Essentials on Xbox One.

Driving Essentials XE is a complete training curriculum which teaches your teen driver to learn and refine critical skills essential to safe driving… all in the safety of your home.

  • $59 comprehensive driver training program for Xbox
  • Gain real-world experience in a safe environment
  • Distracted driving lessons with impactful consequences
  • Uses standard Xbox controllers
  • Fully interactive world with highway, city, residential, rural and off road driving with adjustable weather conditions

I want to make this clear that this isn’t a game instead it’s an educational tool that helps you to learn how to drive and in my opinion this is a wonderful idea which I hope many try out. Without getting into statistics there are many car crashes that happen each year which without a doubt have a vast impact on many families and if this education tool can help lower these car accidents then I’m all for it. Driving safely is the number one priority in this educational experience and hopefully we see more programs like this making their way to the Xbox One.

If you want to know more about Driving Essentials then please follow this link >>>>>


If you would like to purchase the game on the Xbox One then please follow this link >>>>>



Thank you 🙂

Dean Martin (gerrardnum8)



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