Warparty rating. Xbox One.


What I liked:

  • The presentation side of the game has been done really well and in my opinion the colourful visuals and gripping sound design combine together perfectly.
  • In terms of content the game has a decent amount for you to sink your teeth into and when you factor in the game’s price you do get good value for your money.
  • I found the gameplay to be fun and challenging at the same time and whilst in the past the RTS formula has felt a little unfair at times it doesn’t have that problem here.
  • Playing as each of the three factions in the game is a worthwhile experience because they all feel and play differently with plenty of variety also included.
  • I loved how the strategy elements in the game didn’t become too overbearing because there’s nothing worse than being bogged down in lots of details.

What I didn’t like:

  • Every now and then the game suffered with a few technical issues which did impact on the immersion levels a little.
  • If you don’t like the real-time strategy style then there isn’t anything included in this game that will change your mind.


Does Warparty do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all I’ll admit to you now that the real-time strategy genre isn’t my most favourite genre in the world and I think that’s mainly because I’ve found most of the games I’ve played in this genre to be a tad unfair a lot of the time. Thankfully though when playing Warparty I never got that feeling because even though I got into a few sticky situations it always remained fun and challenging and most important of all it always felt doable. This then meant I returned back to the game time and time again and I’m glad I did because in terms of content the game has quite a bit. Playing through this content always felt rewarding as well because there’s plenty of variety present in each of the three factions and this meant that I very rarely got bored. I didn’t get frustrated much either because they kept the strategy elements to a simple yet effective style throughout and I never thought these elements became too overbearing because of this. In terms of problems the game doesn’t have too many and if you’re able to look past the few technical issues that occur from time to time then the problems become even less. At the end of the day then whilst this game won’t appeal to all I’m sure fans of the RTS genre will love Warparty because it gets the most important parts of a game of this ilk right and it offers a unique setting that is dripping in atmosphere.

I rate Warparty     8/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)


Developer: Warcave 

Publisher: Crazy Monkey Studios 

Genre: Strategy 

Release Date (Xbox One): March 28, 2019

Price: £20.99/$24.99warparty-combat-2


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