God’s Trigger rating. Xbox One.

What I liked:

  • The presentation side of the game does a great job of further enhancing the fantastic gameplay delivering very good visuals and sound design in the process.
  • I was very surprised by how decent the story was and without a doubt they did a brilliant job of keeping me invested throughout my time with the game.
  • Each part of the controls works extremely well and this makes the already very satisfying shooting elements even more satisfying.
  • Defeating each enemy I faced always provided me with a rush and this in turn made the game very difficult to put down.
  • Playing as both Harry and Judy feels great and most important of all worthwhile because they both feel quite unique in their own ways.
  • In terms of content the game has quite a bit to keep you occupied and the variety within the content means it stays fresh and interesting at all times.

What I didn’t like:

  • The difficulty of the game can be a little overwhelming at times so expect a little bit of frustration to creep in every now and then.

Does God’s Trigger do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all I didn’t know much about God’s Trigger before going in and playing it and in a way I’m glad I didn’t know much because this allowed me the surprise of being so satisfied with the masterpiece that was taking place in front of my eyes. From the moment I started the game then I was hooked thanks to its fantastic shooting elements and complete gore and to say defeating each enemy gave me a satisfying feeling would be a massive understatement. You can imagine how happy I was then to find that the game has a decent amount of content for you to get to grips with and with the added bonus of two unique characters to play as I didn’t get bored at any point of my playthrough. Technically there wasn’t any problems throughout my playthrough as well and I must admit that I was impressed with both the presentation and how the controls held up during my time with the game. This of course meant that in terms of gripes I really didn’t have any and whilst the difficulty of the game could be a little overwhelming at times it still didn’t stop me from enjoying this game immensely. At the end of the day then God’s Trigger has got to go down as one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played so far this year. In fact the game is that good that it’s without a doubt one of the best top-down shooters I’ve ever played and I urge anybody who has an interest in games of this ilk to get it immediately.

I rate God’s Trigger 9/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)

Developer: One More Level

Publisher: Techland Publishing

Genre: Action/Shooter

Release Date (Xbox One): April 18, 2019

Price: £11.99/$14.99

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