Layers of Fear 2 rating. Xbox One.

What I liked:

  • The presentation side of the game has been done to perfection in my opinion because both the visuals and sound design create an atmosphere that’s terrifying throughout.
  • I found the story to be much better here than in the first game because not only is it scary but it also keeps you hooked throughout your time with the game.
  • This game manages to scare you at every opportunity and when in full flow you’ll find that the game manages to stir up a number of different emotions.
  • Whilst there isn’t a huge amount of puzzles for you to tackle I feel the puzzles that are included have been done well and give something to the gameplay.
  • Exploration in the game always carries a huge amount of fear with it and this in turn makes each event feel very immersive to say the least.

What I didn’t like:

  • I died quite a lot in the game and at times it was a little frustrating because no matter what I seemed to do it always resulted in my demise.
  • From time to time the gameplay does get a little bit repetitive and a little bit more in terms of depth here would’ve been nice.
  • Whilst the chase elements were scary and exhilarating at first they did start to get on my nerves a little quite quickly.

Does Layers of Fear 2 do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all I remember the first Layers of Fear extremely well because it managed to scare the hell out of me multiple times. Oddly enough though this made me pretty excited for the sequel Layers of Fear 2 and as far as sequels go this is decent to say the least because this game feels much more enhanced than the previous game. These enhancements were noticeable almost immediately as well because both the visuals and sound design feel much more refined to say the least and to say that they both delivered in the fear aspect would be quite the understatement. In fact this game in the whole is much more scary than the previous game and whilst I got a little frustrated from dying it still managed to draw me back in time and time again thanks to the story that was present. Speaking about the story there’s much more depth this time around and when you factor in the puzzles that you come across you find yourself getting immersed almost immediately and the best thing is that the immersiveness doesn’t subside either. In terms of problems the game doesn’t have too many at all and if the gameplay had more depth and there were fewer deaths then there wouldn’t be any problems at all which is actually pretty impressive. At the end of the day then if you’re looking for a game that tries to scare you at every turn then you’ll thoroughly enjoy what Layers of Fear 2 brings to the table. This then means recommending this game to you is very easy because as far as the horror genre goes this is a very good addition because it gets the most important aspects spot on and most important of all it’s actually scary.

I rate Layers of Fear 2 8.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)

Developer: Bloober Team

Publisher: Gun Media

Genre: Action & Adventure/Horror

Release Date (Xbox One): May 28, 2019

Price: £24.99/$29.99

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