Team Sonic Racing rating. Xbox One.

What I liked:

  • The team mechanic has been implemented extremely well and it does make the gameplay more fun and give it an extra layer of depth.
  • Each track has a ton of variety within them and this meant that racing around each one was fun and enjoyable from start to finish.
  • I found the presentation side of the game ticked a number of boxes for me because both the visuals and sound design have been done well making certain elements stand out.
  • There’s a ton of unlockables you can obtain during your time with the game and this does in turn make you want to return back to it time and time again.
  • Racing around in your kart always feels smooth and responsive and I never experienced any frustrating moments in any of the different modes because of this.

What I didn’t like:

  • More characters from other Sega games would’ve been nice and the ability to create your own teams would’ve also been a welcome addition.
  • I found the weapons you can use in a race to be a little lacklustre because most of them fail to pack a punch in my opinion.

Does Team Sonic Racing do enough to get a recommendation from me?

All in all Sonic and his friends have been around for a good while now and whilst I thoroughly love everything about Mario for me Sonic has always been my favourite. As you can imagine then I was very eager to get to grips with Team Sonic Racing and it didn’t disappoint either because this game is fun and enjoyable no matter how long you play the game for. I’ve spent all my time playing this game then with my children and they loved it as well because the working as a team mechanic has been implemented extremely well making each corner feel important along the way. Racing around these corners always felt smooth and responsive as well and the racing on the whole didn’t throw up any unnecessary issues. In terms of content the game has a generous amount for you to get to grips with and with the added bonus of plenty of unlockables and upgrades for you to obtain you’ll no doubt want to return back to the game time and time again. Returning back to it won’t be a problem either because the game offers you some glorious and varied tracks and the presentation side of the game never seems to get dull or boring thanks to the awesome visuals and rocking sound design. In terms of shortcomings the game has a couple but none of these are too serious and instead the need for better weapons and more characters is probably my own personal need instead of an actual shortcoming for the game. At the end of the day then Team Sonic Racing is a game I’ve been waiting quite a while for and I’m pleased to say that it reached my lofty expectations and then some. Yes it isn’t the perfect experience but it does what it sets out to do and that is deliver fun and enjoyable multiplayer action from start to finish and if you love kart racers then this is an absolute must buy.

I rate Team Sonic Racing 8.5/10.

Written by: gerrardnum8 (Dean Martin)

Developer: Sumo Digital

Publisher: SEGA

Genre: Action/Racing

Release Date (Xbox One): May 21, 2019

Price: £34.99/$39.99

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